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  1. windshear

    And JennaSoft second project is...

    Looks very very good! Have you considered doing LHR as well? That one is my favorite destination and hub to fly in and out of in real life and in flightsim! I think you would do it justice!
  2. I have now completely reinstalled the scenery I have tried moving it up and down in the scenery list, nothing that I know of will correct this free image hosting
  3. Simmarket helped me out, apparantly you have to have a full name on your windows
  4. After a reinstallation of windows, I cannot install your sceneries. I don't know if its your installer or Simmarket. I get this error with every attempt:
  5. windshear

    no runway lights

    did you try using the original AFCAD?
  6. windshear

    no runway lights

    is taxi2gate listening?!
  7. windshear

    no runway lights

    @iFlysimX I have now updated my 3D drivers completely, and to no help what so ever! I again arrived at a completely dark runway 07L last night. Could it be the AFCAD or where could the fault lie?
  8. windshear

    no runway lights

    ok thank you!
  9. windshear

    no runway lights

    347.88 is my version
  10. Dear taxi2gate I am now unable to fix my missing runway lights issue. I found a way to edit the AFCAD that the scenery use, by adding my edit to a higher scenery level than the HKG scenery itself. If I wouldn't do so, I would se floating scenery etc. I think this could be why I do not see any runway lights, but I want to edit my AFCAD and still see runway lights, please advice me what to do! I am flying in P3D
  11. I have noticed some taxi way signs are missing, at least I know for sure H6 is missing, any reason for this? Or could a patch become a reality?
  12. I think I solved it! There was a conflict with AES, somehow the old VHHH from imaginesim was not completely deactivated by AES, so putting AES lower than the taxi2gate scenery solved it
  13. I tried to reinstall, and then it looks ok... How do I edit my AFCAD without the scenery becoming corrupt?
  14. I made a mistake during the validation process, could this be the reason? I tried to reinstall but it didn't ask for the activation code the second time