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  1. Thanks for your answer ! I solved my problem !!!!!!! I did uninstall MyTraffic6Pro and I did reinstall it properly with no antivirus, creating add-on.xml, etc. And it Works !!!!!! I will have to keep only 40 or 50% traffic as it is now ... too much !!!! Regards Mike
  2. Hello everybody ! The scenery JetStream Paris Orly LFPO is a beautiful and realistic one ! But I dont know why, AI Traffic disapeared with Traffic Global ou MyTraffic 6 Pro, only at Orly LFPO !!!!!! If I active again file "TrafficAircraft.bgl" in Scenery/World/Scenery, I have P3D4 default AI Traffic with no real airlines usually seen at Orly ! I did reinstall Orly Scenery with no change for AI Traffic ! What is wrong ? Please help !!!!!!!
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