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  1. enis

    LTBA Update

    I would like to repeat my question, here in the general discussion forum. Will there be an update for LTBA since there had been several changes happened in the last two years? thanks
  2. There had been several changes in LTBA since 2014, many aprons, taxiways, jetways added, terminal extended etc and I think an update is almost urgent now. Are there any plans for it now? thanks
  3. enis

    LTBA problem

    Hi guys, Is there any plan for preparing an update for LTBA covering the changes?
  4. enis

    LTBA afcad

    You can modify the afcad file by yourself to enable crosswind operations. Airport Design Editor (ADE) is a good program to do so. You can find detailed information on the net. It is a bit hard for me to explain it from here but as far as I remember there were some good manuals explaining it.
  5. Hi all, as you my also know, by the end of 2014 several changes happened in LTBA. A new apron near rwy 23/5 and a new taxiway along 23/5 connecting the new apron to the rwy was built. Also some additional jetways was added to the northeastern end of the international terminal. Also currently, there is a demolishing process is going on in the are where the small maintenance company buildings were located between the international apron and ray 23/5 in order to create new areas for new aprons. So I wonder if there is a new update planned. I an really very looking forward to it! thanks
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