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  1. I've just found the error - if you disable 3d grass, the taxiway signs dissapear too. If 3d grass is active, the signs are visible again. However please solve the problem because I don't want to have 3d grass due to the performance issue.
  2. Taxi2Gate - please answer to my request. I really want to use your scenery, but the flickering issue is very annoying, especially as refers to a huge number of glass / windows. Please send me any advice...
  3. Do I "deserve" that someone from Taxi2Gate will answer to my question / problem?
  4. Do you have any fix for flickering textures in P3D? In my P3D v2.5 I have the similar problem as the one described by Omera60 - the fix helped for terminal textures, but the glass on the jetway bridges still flicker. Can you solve the problem? Similar problem I have in case of your EDDM scenery - the respective post you may find in EDDM section, but no one bothered to answer so far... I hope to not be dissapointed by Taxi2Gate support.
  5. I've checked the scenery and the fix for P3D lights and I can confirm to everyone that everything is ok with approach / runway lights in P3D v2.5
  6. Hello, I'd like to confirm that the problem with shimmering / flickering only takes place if I load my aircraft in EDDM for departure (P3D v2.5). There is flickering of terminals, jetway's glass and grass. The problem didn't exist at all after landing in EDDM. Can you confirm that the problem exists in case of other P3D v2.5 users? Can I expect any solution? Regards, Marcin Gwiazdzinski
  7. Hello, Today I decided to buy the LTBA scenery for my P3D v2.5 Before I do it, I'd like to be absolutely sure that the problem with lighting (approach, runway and taxiway lights) is solved in P3D v2.5. For me it's very important, because I love flying at night or in a dusk. If they are working without any problems, please let me know if the current Simmarket version includes all fixes or it's necessary to download it from your website. And the last question - please let me know if the lighting for P3D v2 is not a standard P3D lighting but the custom Taxi2Gate lighting, which seems to be ob
  8. Hello, Yesterday I did the approach to rwy 08R. Somewhere in this forum I read that the ILS frequencies for 08L/R are wrong, so I check the ones, which were mentioned in the simulator (P3D v2.5). In my case, the frequency for 08R was 110.9 instead of the correct one 109.3. I decided to use the one from the simulator, but I wasn't able to catch the LOC. Afterwards I tried to use the correct one - 109.3 and the localiser waw captured, but there was no G/S. I wasn't over or under glideslope - it was not active at all. Besides I noticed that in AIRAC the ILS course was 081 instead of 082, but I
  9. When I firstly loaded your scenery in my P3D v2.5 I saw a lot of shimmering / flickering. Especially terminal no.2 flickers a lot and the one, which is opposite to it on apron 2 (but this one flickers less). Terminal no. 1 didn't generate such problems. I also saw a lot of flickering In case of glass part of all jetways and in case of grass in winter textures. It was very annoying. Yesterday I did the first flight to EDDM and with surprise I didn't note a single problem with flickering / shimmering after landing - everything was perfect. Today I will try to load my plane in EDDM as first in
  10. My first impression - in case of my P3D v2.5 I see a lot of shimmering / flickering..Especially terminal no.2 flickers a lot.and the one, which is opposite to it on apron 2 (bu this one flickers less). Terminal no. 1 doesn't generate such problems. I also see a lot of flickering In case of glass part of all jetways. It's very annoying. I don't know why but shimmering is also visible in case of grass (winter textures). Is it possible that I'm the only person, which have such problems? What can be cause of shimmering / flickering? FPS are awesome, especially if we consider such big airport. G
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