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  1. luke19

    FSCaptain nirvana

    Yeah i was just looking at that actually lol heres a link for everyone who wants to know a bit more http://www.simairexperience.com/
  2. Hey all, Just thought id preview a little project im doing in my spare time. I know its not perfect but i haven't opened the paintkit for at least a million years Haha. This paint includes the following:- -Photoreal Windows -All hand painted - My own personal effects (Dirt, Shadowing, Highlights etc) Will update as and when it nears completion Kind Regards
  3. Stunning video my friend, keep em coming
  4. luke19

    FSCaptain nirvana

    Sounds briliant dude. Yeah maybe you could upload a video or some screenshots. Be looking forward to it
  5. well since you put it like that lol i can't wait for this product
  6. It certainly looks amazing however didn't PMDG release a B1900D for fsx?
  7. Looks and sounds amazing. Hopefully soonish when i get round to building my new rig i will definatly purchase this. Be really good to see Aerosoft release an airbus A318/A319 addition to this however i am fully aware i am the 1 billionth person to say that lol. Thanks for the update mate.
  8. Really like these shots my friend.
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