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  1. 212 downloads

    Learn to fly the world's largest twin engined airliner! Master the ultra modern Boeing 777. Flight #1 teaches the basics of flying from one airport to another. This flight is from Paris Charles de Gaulle, France to Marseilles, France.
  2. haha! Excellent! Like the humour.
  3. @ , download and run SimAccess. It should fix the error of unable to access Program Files (x86). Link - http://www.flightsim.ee/freeware/simaccess It may fix the port 455 error as well. Not sure though, will have to do more research.
  4. Excellent update! Congrats to the entire LM team.
  5. Are you sure the scenery is layered correctly in the scenery library?
  6. 96 downloads

    Learn to perform an autoland in the world's most popular airliner! Designed for the PMDG 737NGX.
  7. 17 downloads

    An information booklet explaining the RB211 engines. Designed for the excellent Captain Sim L1011 expansion for FSX.
  8. 77 downloads

    Learn to fly one of the most popular narrow body aircraft ever! Second in a series of tutorial flights for the PMDG 737NGX for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Flight from Cardiff, Wales to Paris Charles de Gaulle, France.
  9. 41 downloads

    First in a series of tutorial flights for the Captain Sim Boeing 757-200 add-on for FSX. Flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Berlin, Germany.
  10. 36 downloads

    Second in a series of tutorial flights for the Captain Sim Boeing 757-200 for FSX. The second flight is from Madrid, Spain to Ibiza, Spain.
  11. 9 downloads

    An explanation of the Direct Lift Control (DLC) developed by Lockheed for the L1011. Designed for the excellent Captain Sim L1011 expansion for FSX.
  12. 88 downloads

    Learn to fly the world's most popular short haul airliner! The first in a series of tutorials for the PMDG 737NGX. First flight is from Nice, France to Vienna, Austria.
  13. Some of you may have saw my Finnair 757-200 flight last night - it was a test/experiment flight to see what the aircraft was like. After watching some videos and reading parts of manuals I performed my fist 'proper' flight this morning, though still lots of learning to do! Aircraft: Captain Sim Boeing 757-200 v4.6 Scenery: Aerosoft Approaching Innsbruck X and ORBX FTX Global Weather: FS Global Real Weather Environment: REX Essentials. System Specs; Intel Core 2 Quad 8GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 330GT 1TB HDD Windows 7 64-bit Taxiing to runway 08 at Innsbruck. Lined up and ready to go full thrust! We have lift-off! Climbing out of Innsbruck with the beautiful Aerosoft scenery. Climbing to FL310. Cruise. On my way down into Tegel - would much prefer Brandenburg though! lol Got a little bumpy as the aircraft went through the clouds. Turning onto the ILS. All lined up, so far so good. Approach speed is a very low 121KNOTS, very light load. Gear down. Seconds before touchdown. Touchdown! Reverse and speadbrakes. Taxiing off the runway. Merry Christmas to all!
  14. Recently acquired the Captain Sim Boeing 757-200 aircraft. Last evening I decided to do a test flight in the aircraft, hence why most of the systems are configured wrong! Aircraft: Captain Sim Boeing 757-200 v4.6 Scenery: Aerosoft Mega Airport Stockholm, Aerosoft Mega Airport Helsinki and ORBX FTX Global Weather: N/A (Fair Weather theme) Environment: REX Essentials. Enjoy and leave feedback. Lined up and ready for take-off. Never really sure how the first take-off roll will go! Airborne and climbing to FL320 for cruise. Cruising over the Baltic sea. Beginning decent, was informed by some that the CS VNAV was dodgy but it worked perfectly fine on this occasion. Amazing sky textures! Another image of great sky textures. Gear down. On Final, with a speed of 128KNOTS! Everything looking good for touchdown. A smooth touchdown, but with a high flare. Speedbrakes and reverse thrust. Parked at gate. It was a very but very enjoyable flight and I am not quite sure why some people are so eager to put down the Captain Sim 757. I found it very enjoyable to fly and have no problems with it. Wishing everyone a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  15. Hi all, Been some time since I lasted posted pictures of one of my flights. Sim: P3D v1.4 Aircraft: Wilco Airbus Vol. 2 Evolution (A330-200) Scenery: Aerosoft Charles de Gaulle X and Nice X along with FTX Global. Weather: FS Global Real World Weather Environment: REX Essentials Enjoy and leave feedback. Taxi to runway. Take-off Roll. Rotate. VC view of rotation. Climbing to FL390 Cruise. Alps in the distance. Exterior view of cruise. Beginning descent. What a difference - snow covered Alps to warm weather of Southern France! On Final. Gear down. Seconds before touch down. A smooth touchdown as usual. Used the entire runway - no reverse, very light. Parked at gate.
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