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  1. Hmm never experienced that before! Did you uninstall other scenery? Did you install it with the scenery manager?
  2. Roger, correct I ran the config. See the first picture is when I click on the view options from ezdok and after i click another one it stays on the same position.
  3. @iFlysimX Hey I just downloaded the beta you told me did everything correct that says in the thread, but still not working. MIDDLE MOUSE button not panning. il show some screenshots. First picture when I select with EZDOK and 2 when I adjusted myself WITHOUT ezdok. Also I hear a beep, beep, you know like windows error "cant do it".
  4. @iFlysimX Nope, yes I did run the config before running FSX, also MIDDLE MOUSE button does not work.
  5. P.S: On all payware aircraft it does that.
  6. So I just updated my EZDOK to the latest version, and I loaded a PMDG 777 camera set, Yes I did delete all the keys, also when I try to move to the FMC page instead it moves me to the glare shield then it freeze and stays there, so I dont know how to fix, it just stays there on default aircraft it changes camera smoothly but with the PMDG 777 its stuck on the glare shield.
  7. Join Emirates virtual its good for new pilots, for VATSIM download vpilot: vpilot.metacraft.com/Download.aspx Then: 1. Install 2. Download the IVAO model matching set (1GB) 3. Paste that into your sim objects folder. 4. Make a vatsim account (Take up to 24 Hours) 5. Put your details in the settings. 6 Click connect 7. Voila happy flying! Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOArHGxLY2g
  8. Hope it wont happen again!
  9. Simple, re-install FSUICP or re-install your yokes drivers, all I can say.
  10. _ChrissK


    I started painting default FSX aircrafts when I started doing some paints, after I got the hang of it I did it for payware aircraft: PMDG, Aerosoft, etc..
  11. What version is it? Is it Taxi2Gates? Please be more specific, please send me a screenshot of your FSX scenery window, you should have: OTHH OTHH-CITY OTHH-TERRAIN​​​​​ You don't have that then uninstall and re-install then reboot, if you still have a problem please contact Taxi2Gates support and open a ticket.
  12. Hey, I use win8 on my laptop get around 50 FPS with payware aircraft (PMDG , etc....)
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