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  1. 559AS

    KSEA Jetbridge fix?

    I do have GSX. I'll look into that.. Thanks!!
  2. 559AS

    KSEA Jetbridge fix?

    Just finished installing KSEA into P3Dv4 using the recommended process posted in the forum. It works fine however the install has the old jebridges that don't lower to adjust properly to the aircraft door as I used a fresh installer. I know T2G released a fix awhile back that updated the jetbridges so that they were fully adjustable, but the KSEA updates on the T2G main page has been removed. I applied this fix to my FSX installation, but I have no idea which files I replaced as it was done some time ago. Does anyone have the original KSEA jetbridge fix? Do you know which files were replaced? If I knew I could just copy those replacement files from my FSX installation. Ryan