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  1. Cheers, will have a look over the weekend, fingers crossed. Is this the afcad with 7R for departures and 7L for arrivals?
  2. Hello Heron, Yeah it's a shame. But regarding ooms, I have had similar issues with KMCO. But now no more OOMs on arrival. Use the nexusmods to downscale those unnecessary high resolution textures which will save you a good amount of vas. You can't disable in inside model of the terminal as mentioned in the avsim forums which takes up a bit of performance space in already a heavy performance draining area, Seattle. http://www.avsim.com/topic/473495-downscale-your-textures-without-quality-loss-eliminate-ooms/page-4 Hope this helps. The downscale in the textures isn't that bad, you don't los
  3. Ok just gave in and fired up taxi2gate's version of vhhh. On the surface of it along with their "latest" patch on the surface the scenery looks "great". But like yourself @2bsc still NO papi's and the duplicate calvert ILS lights is very lousily done. Really as a paying customer this shouldn't be what we paid for surely. There's even certain freeware sceneries that have these basics done properly. Maybe since taxi2gate are rolling out scenery projects almost yearly, then onto the next "new eye candy" they compromise on some details, then plaster over it with patches which might break somethin
  4. Just to echo my deviation on the original post.
  5. @Alex Yeah max's last update was 2012. Sadly I am still on the fsx boat, haven't jumped ship onto p3d yet. It'll be quite a costly jump though. @Richard to be fair, taxi2gate (don't think they'd be idle) but have been well under the radar on this forum. Their facebook page seems quite idle as well. Although I did get a reply from them just last week in a post I made about having a possibility of a "Lite Texture pack" for their sceneries as a lot of their textures are HD where it really isn't necessary, but it did take them more than a week to even get any kind of reply and I was down voted f
  6. For Barbados there's an amazing freeware scenery by Max Kraus, Barbados Grantley Adams, its on avsim. The others (not entirely sure) might be done already by Latin VFR. Regards
  7. Just a follow up to whom it may concern at Taxi2gate, regarding your reply that not able to make a lite texture pack would "turn blurry on the scenery", I have managed to use Ordenador which is a software tool to downsize certain textures on the KMCO scenery without compromising too much quality in the work you guys have done with putting together your sceneries. A lot of the texture files were at 2048, which is nice. But some might have been 2048 where they don't need to be perhaps? With vas management taking off from KMCO I only had 600mb of vas remaining, using the pmdg 737 or 777 or fslab
  8. Not sure if this topic was taken onboard by any means, I've asked/started a topic about an option for Lite-textures on their sceneries and had a downvote for some odd reason. Eventually got a reply from taxi2gate that if the textures are put down there will be blurries, which is odd because I've managed to use the texture downscale tool called Ordenador (there's a topic about this on avsim) and turns out a lot of the textures are 2048! This was KMCO, managed to get most of the textures down to 1024 without much of a downside in quality. Still looks pretty damn good, even better with performanc
  9. HELLO????????? Any reply to this by the developer TAXI2GATE to look into litetexture pack with there crazy high resolution textures which is an OOM minefield.....
  10. Regarding GSX, good luck with trying to get any support (if any at all) by Taxi2gate. Your best chance is to go directly to Fsdreamteam, since GSX runs off the afcad file. Or if you have an afcad editor then you should be able to sort it out yourself. Definitely ask fsdreamteam as there might even be a user submitted afcad on their forums.
  11. Coming back this topic and to my not so surprise there isn't any reply by Taxi2gate themselves. Is there any possibility of such support for a Lite texture pack?
  12. Hi there, As the title states, would it be possible to have a LITE Texture package with standard 1024 textures to give more overhead for vas management flying from Taxi2gate mega scenery to xxx mega scenery with complex Airliners, and some might be using ORBX, but as we know Vector is a vas eater. Hope this can/will be implemented as other rival developers have given that option Cheers
  13. Hello, hope the jump onto the steam version is serving you well and more efficient with OOMs. For me I am still on the box version, but running it with Steve's dx10 fixer. For weather textures I use REX, but the textures are all set at 512x for low and high clouds. Personally I think it gives a more authentic look with clouds being softer and not too dramatic. With graphic settings scenery complexity is set to Extremely Dense. Autogen is the one I scaled back on, down to Normal. Terrain Mesh is at 90. Texture resolution is set I think at 2m, just one notch from the right. Water effects is set
  14. Sorry to bring up a thread that has been dead for more than a year now. I was wondering how are you experiences with the VAS issues in VHHH Taxi2gate version? As I am still on the fence on getting it. To be realistic, as I am sure quite the majority of us might be running it with Flytampa's Kai Tai scenery and airliners like PMDG's aircraft or the FSL320. Any issues with VAS OOM's recently? Cheers
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