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  1. Hi @JetStream Designs after some time i had the opportunity to fly on the sim to LICJ on P3DV5 HF1 (last version). I've installed the scenery with the dedicated P3DV5 installer which is on simmarket. Once landed i have the weird elevation issues which have been described in this post. I've ORBX Global, Vector and Landclass EU. No other LICJ Sceneries. I've noted that the issue is displayed everytime i select LICJ as arrival airport, while when departing is displayed correct. The elevation bgl scenery/world/scenery file installed by the installed is correctly in the folder.
  2. Amazing job guys, thanks for providing us the update, now the integration is 100% PERFECT! When you solve the flickering texture between 500-1000 ft. the airport will be 100% complete! Cheers
  3. Wow, what an amazing news waiting for your final patch in order to perform the first complete flight to KSEA!!! Thanks
  4. Hi guys, any news on the fix and the compatibility with PNW by ORBX? ORBX has 30% sales within 4 days and if someone can confirm that the mnual PNW fix posted on the T2G sit works, i'll take for sure PNW to improve my washington/seattle area Thanks for your feedbacks really appreciated.
  5. Hello, you can find the file only if you have FSGlobal (not FTX Global by ORBX) installed in your simulator. The correct file location is the following one: FSGX2010 - Local Meshes - Scenery
  6. Just a question, taking the opportunity in this topic. Please refer to the screenshots attached. Do you think that it's a big effort "uniformize" the color of the airpor surroundings with the one contained in FTX Global (just to not have the texture square). It could be the last piece of the puzzle! Also, as reported by the other users (and also occured before the patch in Orlando) the runway textures flickering from the above. Waiting for your feedback Regards
  7. Edit In fact no impact with FTX Global, Seattle city doesn't have snow in winter Regards
  8. Seems strange, I'll try in a couple of hours. It would be appreciated have a fix (if no winter textures are included)
  9. Hello Guys thanks for your interesting posts. Just to sum up: As also I've tried to explained in this topic: http://www.iflysimx.com/topic/1164-house-in-air-right-rwy-16c/if no ORBX PNW is installed there are two issues: - One with FSGlobal: follow the abovementioned topic in order to delete the interferences. (Disable to BGL files) - One with ORBX Vector: as frequently occured with T2G sceneries is important to disable KSEA AEC file via the VECTOR dedicated control panel. No issues (please refer to the pictures contained in the topic) are present With ORBX PNW, it's another compl
  10. Hello, if you read my previous topic this is a topic related to simulators on which ORBX PNW is not installed. In fact with ORBX product like PNW, all the simulator structure is shaked up Sorry for that
  11. You are welcome, if i can help it's perfect, if you want you can share on your FB page this fix (in case some users have not in sight this forum) Thanks for your sceneries
  12. I've Investigated and i Think I'have solved the situation. The incompatibility troubles was made NOT by FTX Global Vector BUT by FSGlobal. You should proceed as following: 1) go to the following folder: FSGX2010 - Local Meshes - Scenery: change the extension of DX_KSEA.BGL file into DX_KSEA.seattle (in order to inactivate this file) 2) go to the following folder: FSGX2010 - NAM - Scenery: change the extension of DX015015.BGL file into DX015015.seattle (in order to inactivate this file) I've obtained the solving of my "canyon problems" and houses in air during approach.
  13. hello I've only FTX Vector Installed, with FSGlobal (than no causes this problem). AEC file from FTX Vector was already disabled, in fact runways and terminals are displayed correctly As you can see in the sequency the ELEV-MESH.BGL file is the incriminated one. unfortunately i'm not able to modify the file (i don't know how proceed). But if you can modify that in order to have the situation in picture 2 all troubles will go away. Probabbly the "canyon" is due by an incongruation between the airport and the sorroundings. altitude. If you remove this file (in fact) no canyon is displayed
  14. I think I've discovered the incriminated file which is: ELEV-MESH.BGL In fact if i remove KSEA folder and leave only KSEA-TERRAIN folder, there isn't the problem near the runway. If i put KSEA folder ABOVE KSEA-TERRAIN, without file ELEV-MESH.BGL the elevation is correct (no canyon is displayed but there is a runway textures overlapping. If i put in KSEA FOLDER file ELEV-MESH.BGL the runway texture overlapping is not present but you can see the terrible canyon in between runway and surroundings. Could you please correct the file ELEV-MESH.BGL (i think this file a
  15. As explained here it is the screenshots: No houses are present when you select KSEA as departing airport
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