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  1. Thomas, No problem, I tell it like it is....I also put the same post at SimMarket on the product page for LIML Have you thought of moving into the US to develop? I see you have Little Rock but is not P3DV3.4.22 compatible... Thanks again for all the hard work to bring us great sceneries! Rick
  2. As you can see by my attachment , the yellow street lights are not up at the light pole height, the are mostly halfway to the ground P3DV3.4.22,ORBX Global,Vector,OPENLC Europe, ORBX Germany North )should not effect) Update 1.2 installed Is there any fix for this or should I reinstall EDDM? Rick
  3. I just purchased LIML and I am blown away! Beautiful scenery that would stand up to the best in the market! I am using P3DV3.4.22 and have no issues -real low VAS and great frame rates! It also plays well with ORBX products, I'm using Global, Vector, OpenLC Europe-no issues! I am off to purchase more of your products! Thank you again for all the time it took to develop this masterpiece! Rick Tampa, FL
  4. Do I need the patch for P3DV2? EDIT: Just installed and seems no problem,all good
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