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CX 747-400

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  1. CX 747-400

    OOM only since installling

    The only other add on that would affect that area would be FTX Global. I have to many other airports installed to list.
  2. CX 747-400

    OOM only since installling

    I do not have Kai Tak Installed.
  3. Thank you for an amazing realistic version of VHHH. However, I am having a small problem. I just purchased VHHH and ever since installing, I get an OOM message about 50 miles from VHHH. This happens when I am flying towards VHHH. When leaving VHHH, I get the OOM about 5 minutes into the flight. I have tried several flights in both directions, and I am getting this result everytime. ALso, I can fly anywhere in Asia and not have this issue. This never happened with the Imaginesim version that have. I did a complete uninstall of that version, and ran a system cleaner to make sure that I got all the files. Please Help... Jonathan
  4. CX 747-400


    That looks amazing!!!! I can not wait for this to be released.
  5. CX 747-400

    TKPK Coming this week :)

    Looks good!!! How about Grand Turk? Nice little island, and not much to the airport.
  6. CX 747-400

    OTHH - Hamad Intl Airport

    Looks Amazing. I can not wait to add this scenery to my collection!
  7. CX 747-400


    I cant wait! It looks amazing!
  8. CX 747-400

    Request an airport

    How about KMEM. Memphis Tennessee. Home of FedEx.