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  1. Hey Gang! Would it be possible at some point to get an updated MMMY? Thanks, Dennis
  2. Hello Gang! Even though no one in this forum offered any assistance, I was able to complete the updates to the MMMY AFCAD. Now all airline assignments are correct, we've got windsocks where they belong, we've got GA's parking where they should, and most importantly, the ILS on runway 29 is now aligned (no more ravine landings in the fog). This airport has undergone updates since the release of this scenery so the airport itself is not up to date but at least the updated AFACAD helps quite a bit. Hopefully at some point T2G will update the airport. If anyone is interested in getting a copy of this updated AFCAD file, please shoot me a message and I'll be glad to share. Cheers. Dennis
  3. Hello Gang! I am almost finished updating the AFCAD file for T2G Monterrey, Mexico (MMMY). I have updated all gate assignments, added windsocks where they should be, and added plenty of GA parking where they need to be. The only thing missing is the fixing of the offset ILS on runway 29 which right now puts you right of the runway - in a hazy or foggy situation you would be in trouble landing at MMMY. My intention is to fix this issue and include it in the updated AFCAD. The problem is that I need a good soul out there to please tell me the correct parameters to fix the ILS. I believe heading and location information should suffice. As soon as I am able to get this corrected and tested, I will post the updated AFACD file. Thanks guys. Dennis
  4. Hello Gang and greetings. Man the stock AFCAD that ships with MMMY is messy, including a misaligned ILS on runway 29. Is there a good soul out there that may have an updated FSX AFCAD for MMMY V2 that can share? I'd really appreciate any input. Thanks. Dennis
  5. Hey Gang! I just purchased the Hamad Intl scenery and I have to admit that I am impressed - good work T2G team. Two observations that need attention: 1. There is an area fenced off (under construction) that needs to be updated as that construction is now finished and under use; I'd like to use those gates please. 2. The AFCAD needs to be updated so that other airlines other than Qatar Airways can park at the gates. I see FLyDubai and Gulf Air parked at the cargo area which is not realistic. Other than that, she's a winner. Thanks! Dennis
  6. Hello Gang! FYI! I've enabled DX10 preview in FSX settings and I now get texture flickering on terminals and runways. Thanks! Dennis
  7. I do not have DX10 preview enabled. Should I enable it? Thanks again! Dennis
  8. Hello Gang! Very impressed with KSEA so far. One minor issue is that the approach light system that sits on the rail like structures that contain the "rabbits" at the beginning of runways 17, trees are blocking them in various areas (see attached image). In addition you don't see "rabbits" flashing - it's just a trail of lights. Any ideas? I do not have UTX or any terrain mesh addons implemented - it's all on top of default scenery. Thanks! Dennis
  9. Hey Guys! MMGL for FSX would be great. You already have it for FS2004 - please port it over to FSX. Thanks! Dennis
  10. This is ridiculous guys! The sites where the files have been placed for download ring all kinds of virus attack threats with all the antivirus on all my machines. Please get the website situation fixed guys and please make the update files available through a secure method. I do not use Facebook for security reasons so Facebook is not an option for many. This is not good. Dennis
  11. Hey Phillip. Those updates you see are for the old version of MMMX - Not MMMX Extreme. I agree that the folks at T2G must clarify this situation. Hope this helps. Dennis
  12. Hey Jason! For what is worth. You may not have a choice. Many good sceneries for FSX require this feature to be disabled. I know it does not sound realistic but it's the nature of the beast. Just a heads up on the issue in case you didn't know. Dennis
  13. Hello. I have a pretty high-end system but it's already a year old. I am pulling 40s and 50s with Opus FSX handling weather, Full AI world cranking, and FEX handling clouds in full resolution. The scenery is a little pricey but its worth the $$$. Cheers. Dennis
  14. Hello Folks! WOW!!! I am blown away by this scenery. Mexico City in all its glory my friends!!!!!!!!!! The one and only issue I have observed so far is that the gate numbers on the new terminal tend to flicker a bit - other than that, this is a masterpiece. Thank You! Dennis
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