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  1. The other thing that I would recommend you do is in your config file, you can limit the number of buildings per cell (autogen). That will not affect trees. I have downsized mine to 1 k. Some places like KLAX show a ridiculous amount of buildings even at that setting that are FPS and VAS killers, even using FTX Global. You have to figure out how to do that in Prepar though I only do FSX.
  2. Download ProcessExplorer.exe and keep track of the virtual size as you fly along. Most times, sceneries such as KSEA (not a big memory user by itself) are the drop of water that overfills the glass and cause an out of memory issue (OOM). FSX can use at most 4 G, no matter how much you have installed in your computer, and this is with a 64 bit operating system. The size goes down to 2 giga with windows 7 32 bit, and can be tweaked to 3 gigas. I am not sure about Prepar Fancy airplanes like the PMDG 737 use 800,000 by itself. I have measured KSEA at around 300,000 (less than half the size). So when you are coming in from an addon airport, through a scenery like the PNW in a 737, the virtual size grows. By the time you arrive to KSEA with clouds and traffic the size grows to overflow. But you probably know all that by now, the important thing is the Process Explorer.
  3. The only thing I would do at this point is wipe out all ORBX stuff in its folder. I opened each folder within the bigger folders and selected all the files and deleted them. I was left with nothing from ORBX be it global vector and regions. Then I was able to see KSEA over default FSX. Do a search within the FSX directory for anything with the name orbx, ftx, region names ector global EVERYTHING make sure there is nothing left anywhere to begin a clean re install. Dont touch KSEA or the PNW patch. Then reinstall ORBX one by one. It is not hard to do if you have the downloaded zip files or even better the extracted files just run the executables again.
  4. Mark, an elevation conflict for textures probably. Install the PNW patch automatic version, see if that works. Cant stress enough--no double entries in scenery library, airports above their own terrain, and above third party terrain and mesh.
  5. Hi Speedbird, installing KSEA before PNW is unrelated to a KSEA corrected for elevation using Vector. Anyway, at this point why don't you go into your FSX directory wherever it is on your computer and do a search (upper right hand corner on window) for KSEA, identify a possible conflicting file.
  6. Speedbird, try this: 1) Uncheck everything in Global and Vector in the scenery library and leave only the 4 entries of PNW in the proper order. 2) Make sure KSEA followed by KSEA TERRAIN above PNW See what happens then and if different please post a screenshot. Did you install KSEA or the PNW patch over a corrected elevation for the airport ? KSEA should have never been corrected for elevation before these installs because the PNW airport that it has is already corrected. I can guide you through an uninstall and reinstall in the correct order if you like so that it works perfect.
  7. Hi Speedbird, you definitely have a conflict of mesh. Do you have KSEA AND its Terrain above orbx ?, with KSEA over its own terrain in the scenery library ? What about other addons ?
  8. How many cores are you using in your tweaked FSX config ? The AffinityMask=15 using all four cores is not a good idea, I have found it actually decreases performance. If you have it try setting it back to 14 or use your addonmanager if you have one. Use the number of cores minus 1, or in this case your CPU three cores, leaving the other one for other tasks in FSX.
  9. Make sure you install the compatibility patch and that KSEA and its terrain are above all the ORBX stuff in the scenery library. It will go away.
  10. Hi Rui, unfortunately that building is one thing you will not be getting back. Because it is within the airport. But you can get everything else outside the airport area, such as the downtown buildings, all the replaced autogen, the main red docks at the port, Boeing Field with all the goodies, just to name a few. The main thing to remember is this: You have to uninstall all the PNW files to leave KSEA alone over default, and test that THAT is OK before you proceed. You will then reinstall the PNW region and overwrite all the modified files by KSEA OUTSIDE the airport area. What Taxi2Gate should have done and I hope that they do some day, is make the patch without messing up all the scenery outside the airport. But they went that extra step to affect things outside of the airport area for functionality reasons. I would rather have my files intact and play with my sliders in the settings, especially the autogen, and decide when I want everything and provided I have a computer that can handle it. If you install the flicker patch on top of everything, this removes even more autogen on the east and west of the airport. I would rather not mess with this flicker patch and take care of things with the sliders too. Once you get your PNW back, don´t mess with the compatibility patch again, or that will put you back to square one with the messed up scenery all over.
  11. Oh I forgot, after all this make sure you have KSEA and KSEA TERRAIN at the top of he scenery library, and that only on eentry for KSEA and its terrain exist in the library.
  12. If you want your beautiful PNW back with downtown buildings here is what you have to do: Disinstall Global and PNW files and folders entitely, zippo left, they are altered for good by the PNW patch Don't uninstall T2G KSEA or its PNW patch. Leave only KSEA with default FSX and check, It should appear nicely with default. If that is OK, proceed Reinstall PNW by Orbx over your KSEA with its patch Voila, now you have your beautiful Seattle area back, and the patch only as needed by the airport. You see, they removed a lot of scenery to make it easier on computers to handle KSEA. And forget the flicker patch, that will remove additional autogen east and west of the airport. Better play with the sliders and the flicker will go away. Make sure you have the best computer for this Combo. That is the only way to get your Seattle scenery back and keep KSEA whole and pure blended with PNW elevations around the airport.
  13. Guys, any airport works best when no conflicting files exist. First, make sure you have Global and Vector unchecked in the scenery library. I suspect that regarding the trafic issue Vector is conflicting. Most definitely make sure that your KSEA and KSEA TERRAIN folders from Taxi2Gate are at the top of your scenery library. If the problem persists, do a search in the FSX folder for KSEA. Identify .bgl files other than from Taxi2gate, and evaluate renaming the .bgl extension to .OFF Don´t panic, if you see something you don´t like you can always rename it again to .bgl
  14. Christian, KSEA is not a free lunch. I am convinced that Taxi2Gate HAD TO forcibly remove large chuncks of scenery and Autogen and replace in order to have any hope of the airport being functional with present day computers. With the flicker issue, they removed even larger chunks of autogen east and west of the airport, and gave priority to the scenery on the approach ends of the runways north and south. That´s OK with me, I know Seattle city PNW scenery does not exist anymore, but I love the airport and would rather have IT, no matter what the cost in surrounding scenery is. What was unacceptable to me was the rendition of the surrounding airport areas east and west with the flicker patch. So I did a reinstall of everything and did not install the patch again. Instead I lowered some sliders, reduced demand, and the flicker went away. This will of course vary from machine to machine.
  15. Go into your FSX directory and do a search for KSEA. Look at the returns, check the files, those with a .bgl extension. If your problem goes away with PNW unchecked, this means that you have an object .bgl (the PNW tower) in the KSEA airport from orbx. Identify this file in the search, remember it has to be from orbx, and change the extension from .bgl to .OFF
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