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  1. Hello, Thanks for your support, yes it was the France VFR package you linked! Ok good news wait for the new next installer! However it remains the problem of your Eurocopter buildings superposing to those of Paca2 which is not nice! The only way is to desactivate your BGL marseille_Eurocopter.bgl but i loose your Eurocopter buildings which are nicer than those of Paca2! Will it be possible for you to find a solution in order to display correctly your marseille_Eurocopter.bgl?. Then compatibility with Paca2 VFR could be ok then. For information in PACA VFR Vol2 - Ground layer\
  2. Hello, I have baught and install today LFML P3DV4 but i have a compatibility Problem with Paca2 VFR France VFR. After install doc.pdf tell there should be a Backup folder in « Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\JetStream Designs LFML X 2013 P3Dv4 to cut and paste the following files: - Marseille_flattenrocks.BGL - Marseille_flattenrocks2.BGL - Marseille_flattensea_far.BGL - Marseille_flattensea_near.BGL I don't have this Backup folder anywhere?? Then the doc.pdf tells to add the four files from the folder « Flattens FranceVFR » to « Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\JetSt
  3. Hi, The afcad you have posted on your previous page doesn't work properly on P3DV3.4.22.19868: runwaylights are ok but papi lights only work on 07R 07L but not on 25R and 25L
  4. Hi, I have the same problem than 2bsc, i have applied your 1.20 Patch, runway lights are ok but papilights disappeared. Thanks to answer me.
  5. Hi, Could we have any news from P3DV3 Installers for OTHH VHHH LTBA TFFR? I think a lot of people like me are waiting the update installers for a long time... Thanks
  6. Hi, No, i don't have a duplicated afcad i have never installed another LTBA Scenery, i have checked.
  7. Hello, I have exactly the same problem on P3D (i haven't tried on FSX), i have sent an email a long time ago and always waiting a fix... Good flights
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