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  1. This is a known issue for FSX MUHA in trying to run in P3D as if I understand it, the .bgl files have to be converted to show up in P3D. T2G apparently can't or won't do the tweak and to their defense the product and any support is only for FSX so the product seems dead at this point in terms of any migration path. I myself thought it was quite a nice scenery they did back in the day and I had asked them a year ago back if they could either just re convert the files or better yet do a version 2 of MUHA. Never heard anything back. Probably MUHA was not a big hitter for them... Regards, Greg
  2. Hi Ripcord, I am one of the folks who was looking for the MUHA building conversions and I had posted my email address in the above original request. I never received them, if you could resend please again to s1vannah@hotmail.com or greghesterberg@me.com. Maybe it went into my spam folder and i never saw them. I would be very grateful to you if i could get a working MUHA. Not worried about the other Cuban airports. My phone number is 513.304.5901 if you want to discuss. Cheers and thanks for your kind efforts. R, Greg Hesterberg Tampa, Florida
  3. Hi Ripcord, I love MUHA and also have noticed the lack of buildings and other objects with this well done airport for P3d. If you have the converted files handy could you kindly send them to me? Looks like T2G is ok with that if only sent via email directly so here is my email: s1vannah@hotmail.com. I do hope T2G can update MUHA for P3Dv as with the reopening of diplomatic relations this is gonna grow in Sim popularity. And a version 2 would cause me to reopen my wallet and buy it once again, even if it is at a new price. Cheers and thanks so much. S1vannah in Tampa!
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