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  1. Hey guys I am trying to get T2G Seattle working in FSX:SE. I am using the most recent installer and I sent it to the Steam Directory. I even tried manually adding the Seattle scenery using the advanced scenery editor and all that I see in my library is a blank entry where Seattle should be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can post screenshots if need be.
  2. nicnacjak

    FS Captain Thoughts and Impressions

    I use it all time. In my experince it works much better with PMDG and Aersoft add ons. The trick is learning the interface. You can treat it like FSPassenger you just have to hit the right buttons. It's downfall is it's compalexity and poor user interface.
  3. nicnacjak

    Boeing vs. Airbus - Possible Facts

    I know The Boeing better but that's really just a reflection of the fact that Boeing has been well molded in the sim whereas Airbus has historically been poorly represented. The PSS Airbus for FS9 was the first good Airbus that I know of. Now days we have Aersoft and BlackBox so there is no longer an excuse for not learning the Airbus approach to things. I've got it sorted, for the most part. But, I still end up flying The NGX and 777 the most simply because it's what I am used to. All that said, there is a huge difference in the way Boeing and Airbus approach automaton. Airbus never really lets the pilots have full control of the airplane. Everything is filtered through the autopilot or the fly by wire system. And, Airbus considers this to be the safest way to have their aircraft operated. Boeing has the opposite approach. The automation and fly-by-wire doesn’t really kick in unless you tell it to. I have a friend that drives the bus for a European airline that used to run The NGX in FSX. He has told me that the bus is much better suited for line flying. And, I don’t doubt him. When it comes to the sim, thou, I prefer The Boeings
  4. nicnacjak

    What is your longest PMDG 777 route you have flown.

    KEWR-VHHH16 hours 52 minutes in the air. Everything else seems like a short hop theses days