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    Request an airport

    -The new Cap Haitien Airport?..MTCP,,.Beautiful green area of Haiti.. -Ian Fleming International Airport? MKBS . This one would be done very fast i believe..Its small and at the moment only Private Jets use it but another nice green area of Jamaica..If you guys did St Vincent you guys can do this one with no prob.. -Maurice Bishop. TGPY .is in much need of an alternative to Richer SImulations Grenada X., who simply uses too much memory for some.(1,5 GBs for anything related to such a small airport and town is excessive imo) -Guadeloupe Aerodromes(Les Saintes, Baillif, Marie Galante, La Desirade , Saint Francois). These would be a great additional package to Taxi2Gate TFFR.. -Holguín MHHG. is an airport which hasnt been done yet i believe.. -A new version of Nassau MYNN. with Paradise Island and downtown Nassau covered maybe.. Also Freeport MYGF, Marsh Harbour MYAM , Exuma MYEF would be easy work i believe. -But i think the money would be in a new version of Barbados TBPB -And watch out for when the new Argyle Airport in st vincent opens up.That one will be a fresh catch.
  2. Hello once again..I have one more issue to share with you all. with hope of finding help.. I installed TKPK and this is what I found: Airport terminal missing, tower missing, big zinc roofed building missing.the hangar like structure beside the terminal also missing..Grass appears to be missing as well. This problem has been constantly appearing mainly with Tropicalsim Airports i have in my collection ever since i installed ORbx products..mainly Orbx Vector which is the only Orbx product I've kept..... TKPK is the first Taxi2gate airport that has this annoying issue...I've been searching to see if it happens to others..tried many things, for example..using MCX to export each missing object to its own fsx .bgl file....but to no luck...so i have to come to the creators, to see if you guys might be able to provide me with a solution to this one....I'm going to upload some pics of course. Must add: I am using FSX SP2
  3. ChrisZoepound

    TFFR Jetway issue.

    Hello..I must first of all say...Amazing airport..I havent had any issues with it for a long time..even with Orbx Vector installed (will get to this in another post in TKPK)...but about 2 or 3 days ago....I installed PW Sceneries..Guadeloupe and DOminica...mainly to get a bit more out of eDominica...I deleted everything related to Tffr in the Pwsceneries scenery folder...Moved TFFR and TFFR terrain above the PW sceneries folder in the Scenery library..and was surprised to notice that i am now missing the movable Jetways at TFFR..and If they werent so well done..i wouldnt make that much of an issue out of them...But they were so perfect! and i really would like to get them back..no matter how many times i take out the jetway bgls and place them back in...they still wont appear... Here is a picture of my issue.. Can i get any help please??..Maybe im not the only one with this issue?? I use FSX SP2