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  1. Wow, someone replied to my post...I need to write this down. lol Seriously though, as I would tend to agree with you, it's still lost cash on our part. Other people out there, get downright nasty. In the world we live in now, it's a "we want it, and we want it now" attitude. Personally, I can understand if I can't get an answer to a resolution immediately, but at the same time, being outright accused by someone of being a pirate or committing theft, is pretty serious and I would demand proof. Like it usually goes, one bad apple can ruin it for everyone.
  2. I'd been mulling this over for a few days now, trying to come up with the right way to address this, because as a concerned customer, in the FS community, recent events pertaining to a vendor has me throwing up my hands. I won't name names, as it wouldn't do any good and since most of the time, we only get half the story, but the truth is, how can we as customers be assured that what we purchase online, from a vendor, will maintain the integrity and high standards set by the vendor? Allow me to explain: A recent customer of a well known FS content business had been desperate to receive communications from the vendor over an issue concerning an activation (stop me if you think you've heard this before). Supposedly, the customer claimed to have submitted a ticket to address the issue, only to be ignored. Further emails and ultimately, shaming the business on various FS community sites, proved less than fruitful but what it DID do, is raise awareness over EULA. The EULA, or End User License Agreement is anything but boilerplate. Every business has one, that sells content...heck, just about any business online who distributes license for digital products has one, and with that, they all vary in their liability for themselves, as well as the customer. Point #1, everyone should read through an EULA, because it is more than just legal mumbo jumbo, it contains certain protections for the vendor and the customer, so in case something goes wrong, arbitration can be expedited. Long story short, that customer was dealt with, but only after choice words flew back and forth, worse than a political campaign. Throughout it all though, there were several other customers who came forward to back up the claims made by the customer, as well as customers who came to the defense of the vendor, but all in all, those who read everything who weren't involved, appeared to be either confused or downright settled on the fact that they wouldn't purchase any content from the vendor. It wasn't that long ago, that another big name vendor in the community came out with harsh and sweeping changes to the way they did business, and in turn, the public was upset. Most of that has died down now, and I think it's mainly to do with the market this vendor has cornered, knowing full well that upset customers would ultimately return. Again, the EULA was at the heart of the discussion, and while the sweeping majority of customers complained about fairness and value, the vendor ultimately won out. I'd been using the term "voting with your wallet" as of late, and there is a lot of truth to that. We are a part of a niche market, but that also doesn't mean that we don't have choices. When a developer creates something and chooses to sell it, they too have choices, but it is the terms of sale that dictates who gets a bigger piece of the pie and whether customer's experiences will be an easy or difficult one. Take the previous case I mentioned, in that a product was purchased, but with a clear stipulation that there would be limited activations. Now I know things can happen on a computer, and usually at the most inconvenient time, which requires a reinstall of a product, so having extra activations are necessary, but to cap them at such a low amount and on top of that, if you exhaust them, you are required to jump through several hoops to get a reset, and that can take days. We all live in the "I want it and I want it now" world, and no one wants to have to wait for anything, so a lot of the anger vented by the irate customer stemmed from that fact, but some folks claimed to have waited several weeks, which in my opinion, there is a severe disconnect in communication. The point to all of this, Point #2, is that customers, whether new or old, need to stay in the know when it comes to what is going on with the vendor. If the vendor is having staffing issues, or authentication server issues, or any issue that would hamper the proper and timely delivery of digital products to the consumer. I think this is a fair trade off, sicne the user must pay for everything up front and expects to get what they pay for, which brings me to Point #3, piracy. This is the ringer that no one was fully aware of in the case I've been discussing. it appears that the piracy, widespread and somewhat out of control, has taken hold at this vendor's site, with many customers complaining about activation are really just pirates who are trying to get a free product. The sharing of codes, license keys, customer info is pretty bad right now. We all know that no one or no thing is truly secure from the likes of pirates...if they want something bad enough, they will get it. I looked into this further and found three separate forums whereby customers were complaining about the same exact thing. More in-depth research uncovered more truth and back and forth claims from the customer to the vendor about who legally owns the license, the terms of activations, who's been sharing information and who's been cut off from activation altogether. now I could easily side with the vendor, considering they have rock solid statements of knowing exactly who the offenders are, being able to trace IPs and/or requests for resets from different parts of the world. Bottom line: the vendor appears to have enough security in place to thwart any further piracy, but that still doesn't guarantee it'll cease completely. Now, from my own standpoint, I have one product I purchased a license for, and had been bugged incessantly to upgrade for a nominal fee. After reading about all of this shady business going on, it did have an impact, in that negative attention had been brought forth, which could hurt the vendor. The other problem I see is that there are several great products this vendor sells, due to the developers agreement with the vendor for sales, but if the vendor cannot honor the claims they make in handling customer service, it could lead to lower sales, developers getting upset that their products aren't selling due to the negative attention and customers upset that they cannot get certain products anywhere else. On the other side of the fence though, are a good deal of developers who sell their own products but don't have any security in place. A keycode or license key is sent via email and could easily be shared between many people, but is never followed up on or monitored. The developers choice is their own, but when you stop to think about it, there could be a lot of lost potential sales because of their simplified methods of distribution. More often than not, these simplified methods are embraced by small businesses who cannot afford to have a staff of c/s people to field emails about activations or they just plain don't want to overly complicate matters. What COULD work though is an independent organization, designed to arbitrate disputes between customers and vendors to resolve issues that may arise, including piracy. I know it sounds like a monumental task, but considering that the FS community is large enough to drive some serious revenue around, preservation of digital rights as well as customers' wallets are equally important. It's just a wild thought, but after I read everything that was out there about the aforementioned case, it has me concerned, worried and angry that for a FS community, the exposure of seedy, dirty and shady dealings are tarnishing our beloved hobby and now has me thinking twice about purchasing anything for flight simulation now, because I may be selling my soul, or having to have a lawyer on retainer.
  3. What about add-ons, such as whether you are using simulator-manipulating software, such as sim starter or an accelerator? Any other add-ons, including GSX, weather? Try disabling the add-on scenery and seeing if the default airport and buildings surrounding the airport appear as they should. Have you also tried to uninstall and reinstall the scenery to see if perhaps something got corrupted and is now fixed? We could also surmise that there is a greater resource load on your rig in this area, which can happen for a lot of people. You may also want to visit the ORBX official forum and look for entries about Vector. I remember having a lot of issues with it, if you leave everything on. Vector can be very resource intensive in this state so you would need to disable a lot in order for your system to handle the scenery. Typically, and from my own experience with this issue, the black textures are directly related to your system trying to catch up and draw everything in your view.
  4. What would help, is more info on your system specs, what other add-ons you are using, the description of the scenario (on the ground, in the air, on approach, etc). I've seen and heard this happening when settings are too high in P3D and the system rig cannot keep up.
  5. A little searching within the T2G Official Support Forum here, shows this post that should help you out:
  6. Not sure here if you found a resolution to this problem or not, but your best bet would be to contact SimMarket, and explain your issue to them, as this has to do with activations. If before you reset your PC back to factory settings and defaults, then you should have uninstalled the add-on, or else, the license could still be tied to the previous "system" that the authenticator recognizes. I am sure the folks at SimMarket can help you out.
  7. You may want to check the documentation that accompanied your installer. This looks to be an issue with your scenery.cfg file, which could have been modified to reflect the installation, but either is disabled, the scenery was removed and re-installed, or a manual edit was performed on the scenery.cfg file that caused this error. This is a rather easy error to fix, but first you need to confirm if the scenery is installed and if it is, you can easily delet the scenery.cfg file and allow FSX to re-create it, or you can attempt to uninstall the scenery and reinstall it, with the hopes that it corrects the error on it's own. There is also the possibility that in your Scenery Library dialog (within your settings of FSX), that the checkbox is empty, next to the entry of this scenery and that fix is as easy as placing a check in the box to ensure it gets loaded.
  8. First off, welcome! I have seen this type of behavior with graphic and resource intensive add-ons for even P3D. One suggestion that may get you to the right people, is to place a post within the Official T2G forum here at iFlySimX. Posting this issue here in this forum, may not get seen in a reasonable amount of time. Back to your issue, as I said, some airports that are graphic and resource intensive can use up valuable VAS (Virtual Address Space) which is constrained to 4gb of system RAM. No matter how much more RAM you have installed, your sim will only use 4gb. With that said, flying complex aircraft into or even out of complex airports will use up that VAS and cause OOMs (Out Of Memory Errors). One quick solution you can try is to back down your graphics sliders in FSX, to allow for more VAS to be available during your flight. Another suggestion would be to save your flight at some point, exit out of FSX, restart, and then load that saved flight, which refreshes your VAS to enable you to complete the flight. Without having further knowledge of your system specs, graphics settings and any crash logs, it is difficult to tell what it is exactly that could be causing the error specifically, so if you post your thread at the T2G forum, someone there may be able to assist, but they may also require more info, as I had just stated. There could be a multitude of reasons of why this issue is happening only at select airports, but I suspect this could be due to the combination of complex aircraft with complex scenery and/or airport. Do you have any 3rd party scenery installed, such as ORBX or ortho-type photoscenery, such as MSE? This can contribute to your issue as well, and I wouldn't discount it if you have it installed. Remember that only 32-bit sims are constrained to the 4gb VAS limits, whereas 64-bit sims are not constrained and will use all of your available system RAM, such as X-Plane or Aerofly. One other solution worth mentioning is the purchase and usage of SimStarter, which is very popular in the FS community. This program allows the user to set only the scenery they intend to fly over and into/out of, meaning that, for example, you plan a flight from Point A to Point B, so you set SimStarter to only load the scenery dealing with those two points, as well as any scenery along your route. While I have not personally used this software, I am told that it helps your VAS by not allowing the sim to load tiles and other scenery outside of your specified area, which can free up your VAS quite a bit. My apologies for the long reply, but considering that you hadn't provided a whole lot of information initially, all we can do is speculate. What I suggested above are merely suggestions only and I cannot guarantee they will work, but they are worth looking into.
  9. Evening flight out of KLAX

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  10. Legend has it, or rather a distant rumor from the old witches on the mountain that Lockheed Martin is considering a move to a 64-bit environment, and if that is the case, this could prove to be some good competition.
  11. Not sure if you've found a resolution to your issue or not, but there is a dedicated forum for Taxi2Gate here at this site and you may get an answer quicker.
  12. Greetings, I'm not sure whether anyone reads this forum, but I wanted to pose a question concerning T2G's stance on compatibility with P3D V3. Since it's release, many developers have been working on separate installers or updates to current ones for those who use P3D V3 and their new and improved wacky directory system. Some devs have stated that they aren't changing a thing while others are catering to the new system. In any case, what airports can be safely installed into P3D V3 and work without issue?
  13. There isn't so much a need to tweak P3D, as it is to get it to play nice with add-ons. For example, P3D stock handles PAPI lights rather well, but add in some third party scenery and you can see those PAPI lights from 100nm away and they get worse as you get closer. There is a tweak to scale the lighting overall and makes it easier on the eyes, which is this: RUNWAY_LIGHTS_APPROACH_SCALAR=0.4 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_STROBE_SCALAR=0.4 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=0.4 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=0.4 Granted, you can change the values to suit your taste. I have found that some of the old, tried and true FSX tweaks do work in P3D and as far as whether they do any good is up to interpretation, based on an individual users system, in other words, YMMV. Blurries appear to be an issue, based on your framerates, which of course has been a long standing argument in the community. I found that inserting and setting the FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=XXXXX tweak, does some good, but I am still testing it in P3D 2.5, and so far, it's a mixed bag of results. Again, that tweak doesn't necessarily hurt the sim functionality and stability, just makes the textures load quicker so you can avoid seeing blurries while overtop your scenery in flight. As for nVidia Inspector settings, I use those as well, but sparingly. Again, YMMV and there are a few folks out on the net who share their settings they use. All in all, it cannot hurt to try out some teaks as long as you back up your original files. Someone on Youtube posted a rather procedural way of inserting tweaks into FSX (the same can hold true for P3D as well). Basically, add one tweak, fire up the sim, fly it for about a minute or two and if the sim doesn't crash, then you have a winner and continue on to the next tweak. Hopefully, that gives you some food for thought. -Vic
  14. Using reversers at the gate for pushback actually is a real procedure, so you weren't wrong. All in all, your methods weren't actually rookie maneuvers, you just learned the long and hard way. -Vic
  15. When you say "all the basics", could you outline everything you have done to your cfg file? Have you tried deleting your cfg and allow FSX re-create it? Sometimes, the cfg file can get so polluted with too many tweaks that strange things can occur. Your best course of action is to start over with the cfg and then rerun FSX to see if this issue continues. If you still get OOMs, trying disabling some or all add-ons and then re-enable one at a time until you get the OOM.
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