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  1. nickac1092

    KMCO FS9 CTD after departing at night

    Yes. That stopped the CTD. So I will test it more in the coming days just to make sure.
  2. Hey. I got a CTD recently and its been happening a lot more at night then during the day. This is flying above it within 10-20NMs or 10 minutes after departing..... Annoying. There's got to be something to fix this. Thank goodness for autosave. Saves my butt all the time when this happens so I can continue where it left off. I forgot to mention that I have Aerosoft's Cape Canaveral. Once I deactivated that the CTD stopped. I am going to do a test flight and reactivate MCO and see if I still get a CTD. So as of right now, the problem is Aerosoft's Cape Canaveral. Il post on their forums as well.
  3. nickac1092

    Request an airport

    KMSP - Minneapolis St Paul Intl. This would be great for the Midwest in the United States. Blueprint's scenery is crap but its accurate to a certain point (pre NWA - Delta merger). If it gets support by AES now that would be AWESOME. Vote my post up if you agree the MSP should be done so there isn't multiple posts.