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  1. It's really hard to say buy I don't see a huge difference after adding an AffinityMask. It's still under 30FPS in VC, when I pick any camera outside the aircraft I have 30 constant FPS.
  2. Thanks guys for your suggestions. Sorry for not responding but I was on a business trip. I will let you know whether it gave me a boost or not tomorrow.
  3. Sure. Here it is: http://kmajewski.com/files/fsx.cfg
  4. Hello everybody! Could you guys please help me out with issue I'm facing regarding low fps? I believe I have tried every single one tutorial to make my sim run smoothly on Airbus A320 (Aerosoft). (e.g. http://www.simforums.com/forums/drivers-nv-inspector-fsxcfg-complete-guide_topic36586.html) I've tried nvidia inspector, fsx.cfg changes and OC. Can't get constant 30FPS on Aerosoft product. FSX details: FSX:SE ASN REX OpusFSI Few sceneries (AI and traffic turned off) Aivlasoft Specs: i5 4670K@4,4GHz, GTX970, 8GB RAM, SSD for OS and SIM on HDD I'm pretty sure I can get con
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