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  1. Grenadines is FlyTampa, not Taxi2Gate.
  2. Suggestions can be done here: http://www.iflysimx.com/topic/408-request-an-airport/
  3. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/83151-mega-airport-rome-fsxp3d-version-cancelled/ If you read this you'll see that it hasn't just been cancelled, but they also made a promise. They will be redoing it, eventough it won't be on short term. That's logical, because they had to start development all over again.
  4. Is known to be in development by Aerosoft.
  5. Nice choices, altough I think if there would have been a poll these two would not have had the most votes. But that doesn't matter, they have been chosen and eventough they weren't on my original wishlist I'm certainly satisfied. The current Aerosoft sceneries are getting outdated and since Aerosoft is far too busy to update them I'm glad you'll do the job.
  6. And why are they unable to upgrade at this time? Mostly because of money. They don't have the money to buy new hardware that is capable of running FSX. But if they don't have money for that, why would they have money to buy this add-on? They'd better keep the money in their pocket and save it up to buy new hardware instead of spending it on add-ons.
  7. A while ago on another forum I've read that for every FS9 copy of a product you sell 10 copies of the same product for FSX. In other words, FSX has 10 times as much customers as FS9. I'm not talking about users, I'm talking about customers and that's what counts for a commercial developer. For that reason it's not always profitable for a developer to convert his product to FS9. After all, he's investing time and money into that conversion but he's only getting very few sales in return. So little that it's easy to make a loss on an FS9 conversion. Besides that, the time that he spends converting the product to FS9 could also have been spent on developing the next project. When you choose to do an FS9 conversion this means that your next project will have to wait. So what's more profitable, spending your time on and FS9 conversion or spending your time on a new FSX development? FS9 is indeed still very popular among low-budget simmers. Simmers that mostly got an older computer that can't run FSX properly and that don't always have the money to buy new add-ons. Such simmers are not interesting for commercial developers. I can't blame them for aiming at FSX simmers, that mostly got more money to spend and are more willing to buy add-ons. It's like I said before, FSX sells 10 times as good as FS9. That's not arrogance, that's facts. Clearly measurable, no argueing over it.
  8. Malpensa is in development by David Rosenfeld, the same developer who also did Olbia and Bergamo. It hasn't been announced, but I think Aerosoft will publish it as Mega Airport Malpensa. Lhasa has been done by Dazzle Colour Game. It's available on Simmarket and looking rather nice. Munich has been done by Aerosoft, but it's getting a bit outdated so could use an update. However, still better than nothing.
  9. Someone is already working on Bahrain. http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/obbi-bahrain-airport.433539/
  10. Already in development by Aerosoft.
  11. I agree, but then I'd choose LIRP Pisa instead. For Malpensa you can always use the Sim Giants scenery, but for Pisa there's nothing.
  12. Verona has already been done by Real Earth X in excellent quality. Malpensa has been done by Sim Giants, but it's a bit outdated so could use an update. Abu Dhabi is already in development by both Ready4Takeoff Simulations and SimBreeze.
  13. I think it's time to update my wishlist: Europe: LSGG Geneva LFBD Bordeaux LROP Bucharest North America: KSFB Orlando Sanford KOAK Oakland Africa: HTZA Zanzibar Asia: OMDW Al Maktoum WMKP Penang
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