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  1. What do you see on the map of the flight planner? There should be a star symbol (yellow) and a wrench symbol. If they are not there the scenery is not (properly) installed. You can also check the contents of your content.xml file, should containe a line saying: <Package name="jetstream-lfpo" active="true"/> Content.xml can be found in folder: C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache
  2. Thanks for the great support Thomas!
  3. I just noticed there is an update for Linate, but I can see no changelog?
  4. I also found some issues when approaching into Nantes: I was 15 miles out when the scenery loaded in. I noticed it because I got stutters... Haven't seen this before (also not at Orly for example) After landing, I could only choose taxi to parking, no gate... Also ATC instructed me to go to General Aviation parking instead of mentioning stand 1L as you can see below...
  5. Just completed my flight from Nantes to Linate. I was landing in the dusk and noticed the following: The terminal was dark on approach, when almost on the ground the terminal was lit, which gives a strange effect After landing I switched ATC to ground, but I could not ask for a gate. Taxi ribbon guided me to gate 1 When at the gate asking for baggage and catering, ATC said they are not avaible, after that a truck and carts spawn so a second time it could unload the baggage and do the catering Have attached a screenshot to show you I could not ask for a gate.
  6. Hi JetStream Designs team, Just purchased both Nantes and Milano Linate for MSFS. Great job! Would it also be possible to add statics to Nantes in the same way as you did with Orly and Milano Linate? The statics are very nicely done on these airports. Many thanks for considering!
  7. Thanks! Looking forward to it :)
  8. Hello JetStream Designs Team, since Microsoft Flight Simulator has been released a few weeks ago, are you planning some airports for the new sim?
  9. I tried to increase the amount of lights shown in the Prepar3D config file as can be seen here: https://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/prepar3d/options/graphics/lighting.html MAX_POINT_LIGHTS=1500 MAX_SPOT_LIGHTS=1500 After this I do not have the issue anymore and FPS is also still acceptable. Still have to experiment with possible side effects, but not an issue with the scenery it seems.
  10. Hi Thomas, I noticed that under a certain angle the dynamic lights are disappearing. I have attached some examples. Nearby I have Taxi2Gate LPFG activated and I believe it is in the direction of LFPG. Could it be the result of to many dynamic lights? I already have increaed the max. amount of dynamic lights in my sim.
  11. Hi Michel, The P3D/FS engine is limited in runway configurations… Orly has 2 runways; 06/24 and 08/26. Normally only 1 runways is open for take-off and landing. With a 'trick' you can fool P3D and make the runways parallel. This means that both 06 and 08 can be open at te same time. However, P3D only allows you to close or open an entire runway for landing or take-off. So with parallel runways you can say 08/26 is open for take-off and 06/24 for landing (or vice versa). The combination you desribe above is unfortunately not possible with 1 file. Other developers choose to provide multiple AFD files based on the winds. Hope it is a bit clear, Erik
  12. Hi Thomas, this indeed solves the issue! Many thanks for your help
  13. Hello JDS, I was doing a night flight from Nantes, and I found two floating lights above the terminal. I am using P3Dv4.4 and ORBX FTX Global. Any clue? Thanks, Erik
  14. Hi, I also purchased this one. Have you already checked the updates page? https://www.jetstream-designs.com/updates/ There seems to be a fix for this in terms of an AFD file.
  15. I have tried. The airport seems to be working, but there are some strane autogen issues (black buildings) around the airport...
  16. Hi Thomas, Is there any news regarding the progress of the new LFML version for P3Dv4? Thanks! Erik
  17. Er!k

    P3Dv4 versions

    Thank you, I indeed understood it was for P3Dv4. Only reason I wanted to know the version folder is for my back-up... So I can keep track on which versions I have
  18. Er!k

    P3Dv4 versions

    I see that the update for Linate is out! What is the version number??? Still v1.1? Cannot find it anywhere...
  19. Er!k

    P3Dv4 versions

    I suggest waiting a little longer Official P3Dv4 installers coming very soon: https://www.facebook.com/JetstreamDesigns/posts/1515955271757909
  20. Hi, I think you have the best option by contacting SimMarket about this issue. They provide the authorization for the installer.
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