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    Er!k reacted to JetStream Designs in Static aircraft for Nantes?   
    Hello Erik,
    Statics are planned at Nantes too . Even better, we'll add the option to activate or de-activate them at Nantes and Orly, as we did for Linate
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    Er!k got a reaction from JetStream Designs in Static aircraft for Nantes?   
    Great! Appreciate it
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    Er!k got a reaction from F737NG in Request an airport   
    Although there is an up-to-date Heathrow from both Aerosoft (Extended version) and UK2000 (v3); I also would like a T2G version. Both existing versions are horrible on FPS. I am really shocked to see what you did with LFPG. 100% AI, no VAS issues and still 30 FPS with the Aerosoft Airbus!
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    Er!k reacted to elgato in LIML - Accurate AFD file   
    Hi Er!k,
    Please look at the attachment... Here you are.
    The issue was that the approaches in the original file were bound to RWYs 18L and 36R (and NOT to 18/36), as in the FSX default AFD.
    With this update, and in addition to the features listed in my previous post, you get:
    - ATIS frequency
    - ILS36 approach
    - VOR/DME 18 approach
    Also, navaids show their actual ID, namely: ILNT, LNE and LIN for the ILS36, NDB and VOR/DME, respectively.
    You should be vectored for a straight-in approach now.
    Have fun,
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    Er!k reacted to pscharff in LTBA in P3Dv2.1   
    are there plans for a P3Dv2 version of this nice scenery?
    I have tried this scenery in P3Dv2.1 - everything works fine except the runway lightning.
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    Er!k reacted to hanzy1 in KLIT X 2014 - Little Rock National Airport   
    Are there any plans for FS9?
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    Er!k got a reaction from ArtAir in LTBA Is Our Next Project!   
    I am also very interested in an FS9 version of this airport, especially because this airport has been neglected in FS9 as well...
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    Er!k reacted to Nimic in LTBA Is Our Next Project!   
    I echo the question
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    Er!k reacted to hanzy1 in LTBA Is Our Next Project!   
    Is there any news if it will be for FS9?
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    Er!k got a reaction from Pimpdog in About fs9...   
    OK fingers crossed here! Looking forward to have KMCO and MMMX in FS9!
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    Er!k got a reaction from Pimpdog in About fs9...   
    Is there any news regarding this topic? Very curious, since I am also interested in KMCO in FS9 as well!
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    Er!k reacted to Taxi2gate in About fs9...   
    Hi all guys, we will analyze the sales of fs9 versions compared with fsx and we will take a desicion before kmco release that is very close, thanks for your patience.
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    Er!k reacted to JetStream Designs in Very low FPS ...   
    Hi Renaud,
    I'm currently doing some changes to different models, this will hopefully improve the FPS. I will of course let you know when everything is ready

    Have a nice Week-end!
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    Er!k reacted to graemeb in About fs9...   
    I will certainly buy any of your FS9 sceneries!
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    Er!k reacted to Appliance in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (WMKK)   
    +1 for FS9 version.
    Love Mumbai.
    Congratulations on your work so far.  Hope for AES integration.
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    Er!k reacted to gaputz in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (WMKK)   
    You can add me to the list for a FS9 version.
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    Er!k reacted to jennasoft in Welcome!   
    Welcome to JennaSoft' s new forum, kindly hosted by IFlySimX.
    It's the best place to talk about our sceneries developments for FSX and FS2004.
    We're are proud to announce the release of our first project : Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport for FSX, available on Simmarket here :
    An FS9 version should follow "soon".
    We'll show preview screenshots during the development here.
    Also visit the other part of our forum, for updates and support.
    Best regards.
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    Er!k got a reaction from iFlysimX in Very low FPS ...   
    I have requested AES support in this post: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/50084-aes-airportrequest-post-only-here/page-13#entry534670 You can vote for each entry as well...
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    Er!k reacted to gmaya10 in MMMX EXTREME RELEASED!!!!!!   
    hello to all
    I'll like to know if there will be a FS9 version planed for the fantastic MMMX xreme
    cheers to all
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    Er!k reacted in OK! It's Time!!!!!!!!!   
    @Taxi2gate For fs9 also?
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