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  1. I'm very pleased with LFPG especially the performance in P3D v3.4. However, there is a problem when using Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) to show the airport layout. There are duplicate runways shown on the map. Looking at the AFCAD I see you have added two extra runways presumably for some clever effects. The problem in doing this is these are showing up in EFB and spoiling the runway statistics. The attached screenshot shows the problem. is there anything you can do to make these invisible to 3rd party moving map software please?
  2. Hi, I parked Concorde at Gate 81 at KMCO but on viewing the aircraft from spot plane view I noticed the stand was designated as 83, the same as the correct stand to the right. This shot clearly shows the (small) error. Running P3D v3.4
  3. Jansil, I've also had this problem and your suggestions of what to adjust in UTX TAC has helped enormously. Thanks! I've also reported this to Flight One UTX Forum as their product is responsible, not T2G's MMMX. Topic here. http://www.simforums.com/forums/topic53942_post338582.html#338582
  4. Hello again, I owe you an apology. Having conducted a series of tests the problem doesn't lie with your MMMX airport but the settings in UTX for the Caribbean and Central America (TAC). I still got the stutters with MMMX deactivated. I also got them with all of the TAC layers enabled. I disabled all but TAC Roads and the stutters were still present. I then deactivated TAC Roads and they disappeared. So it is this layer that is responsible. I then re-read Jansil's post here and he has described how to overcome this problem. I followed his steps and the stutters are no more and the frame rates have increased from 25 to 65. I think this issue with UTX compatibility is extremely important and you might want to pin a suitable post to your forum and even add notes in the MMMX installation notes. Sorry for pointing the finger at your abilities. This is the first time I've encountered an issue with UTX and will post it on their forum.
  5. I will make enquiries on the UTX forum. But when I can get smooth performance at London Heathrow or New York JFK which are far bigger airports it seems strange that performance is so much worse at a smaller airport. It's not frame rates. It's these huge stutters / pauses at two to three points when on a take-off roll. There are no obvious signs of anything suddenly being loaded and popping into view. I don't get this at JFK or EGLL. I'm aware of the 4Gb limit but there's plenty of VAS available. If you use the same design techniques for all your airports then it has to be something about the environment around the airport. I will deactivate UTX for Central America and see how things work then. I have no problems at other airports with my scenery settings. By the way. Even though I have subscribed to be notified of replies to new posts on this thread no emails are being received. And yes, I have checked my spam folder. You might want to bring this to the forum administrator's attention.
  6. I saw your reply to another customer who also had UTX. I agree with him that this is not an acceptable response. All the other T2G airports I have are fine with UTX so why should I 'deactivate' UTX? In any case please advise how I deactivate UTX for a single airport? It's not possible. I would have to change UTX globally and I don't see why I should have to do that. There is a problem with MMMX, not UTX. If UTX was at fault many more airports would have the same problem but they don't. There is clearly an issue when loading scenery objects in MMMX. Will you at least look to see if you can spot the problem?
  7. I have a few T2G airports (KMCO, LTBA, TFFR, MMMX) and the likes of Orlando are excellent. Smooth performance during take-off and landing with good fps. However, I can't say the same for MMMX which is probably the worst performing airport in the many I have purchased. Specifically, if I load the Trike and place it in slew mode at 250ft AGL near Rwy 23R and slew at 69mph on a heading of 240 there are 2 huge pauses which completely ruin the realism when taking off and landing. They occur whatever the speed of the aircraft. The first is around 1/3 down the runway and the second when I'm abeam the airport sign on T1. These are repeatable suggesting a loading issue at these points. I have an Intel i7 4770K overclocked to 4,4GHz, 8Gb RAM and a EVO GTX 780 3Gb card. This provides smooth performance at all other airports. I also have UTX USA and Central America / Caribbean but have ruled these out as performance is fine at Orlando and other 3rd party US airports. I have applied all patches you have made available. Are you able to reproduce these pauses / stutters and if so do you have a solution please? The performance (not the fps) is very disappointing.
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