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  1. Thanks for looking into this, Thomas! And your explanation makes totally sense. I have seen similar problems at other airports like MK's EIDW or MLD's LRIA. And as you said: it happens only at a specific angle range. Maybe a sim issue? Take care, Christoph
  2. Well, after a closer look there seems to be more going on here. Please have a look at the dirt next to the A02 line and the white outline under the wing:
  3. Salut Thomas! I am facing a small issue at Orly in P3Dv5. As the title say, I do see default runway markings at certain angles. It is easy to reproduce with the slew function, while just panning around a bit. Being pretty familiar at working with AFCADs, I could easily remove the markings myself. However, displaced threshold arrows can not be removed. Hence, there would always be some duplicate arrows: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/how-delete-runway-number-and-arrowheads.435922/ I think there might be a transparency/layering issue with the runway texture. Any chance you
  4. Hi team! Judging from your previews Doha will be the next must have scenery. Great work and such an impressive time frame! As the scenery for Hamad Intl is already pretty advanced it might be too late for my requetst: I noticed on your screen shots that you used a Ford as catering truck and typical american vans for the ground equipment. They perfectly fit to an american or caribbean airport. But at Doha or Middle East they just look misplaced. Euro trucks and asian cars are the most common sight there. So would it be possible to change the ground equipment to some local models?
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