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  1. I have the same Problem since P3DV5.1 HF1 my NGXu was jumping around wildly at taxi to the runnway. Frank
  2. Hallo T2G Team, is it possible to edit the Afcad from EDDM. I will Change some parkings and the Programm AIVLA SOFT can not read the Afcad File. EDDM_AF-SODE.BGL Thanks Frank from EDDM
  3. The approach lights must be changed. The Standard airbase near EDDM lights better. The visual approach at night is not possible. Please change the approach lights. Thank you with a hope of a response EDDM Frank
  4. Hallo Taxi2Gate Team, why do you not read this message. Is there planed a fix for EDDM, or is EDDM closed for working. Frank
  5. Hallo Taxi2Gate Team, please fix the bad lightning at this greate airport. Every day i see the real lightning at eddm. The T2g lightning is far away from the real EDDM (Aproch and Runway ) Greatings Frank
  6. After three weeks no response...... The same with the bad lightning in EDDM.....nothing Frank from EDDM
  7. Hi Taxi2Gate, please fix the shadow Problem. Many Aircrafts are not to see on the very nice Airport. I Need the shadows on the planes for more realistic. Frank from EDDM
  8. Hi Taxi2Gate Team, I ask you to change the lightning of the taxiways and the runways. When landing in EDDM the runway is barely visible, only the PAPI lights are clearly visible. The taxiway edge lights in EDDM are dark blue. When rolling on the runway the lights look like they´re hovering above the surface. Greatings from EDDM Frank
  9. I ´m waiting for my next flight.............please make the update to download................................... Thanks from EDDM Frank
  10. Hi Taxi2gate, thanks for the answer. "very soon will list the issues adressed and extra things that we added" Can we have some informations please...... Frank from EDDM
  11. Hi Taxi2gate, at what time we can expect the update. we are hungry waiting with no informations..... Frak from EDDM
  12. search in fsx for AFX_MDDE_ALT.bgl and make it to AFX_MDDE_ALT.bgl.off I found it after a long time searching. Greatings from EDDM Frank
  13. I have a small problem. I use GSX and want the vehicles (cars) put in LTBA to off. If I make the cars off missing the light poles on the apron. in the dark, they light up but are not visible. Even on the day they are not visible. Thanks Frank
  14. Hi taxi2gate, i have same Problem and some other friends have the problem. i have no other afcad from ltba ore duplicates. greatings from EDDM Frank
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