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  1. @nthabti: Your apron and taxiway marking colors look great, but at the terminal and jetways I think the Taxi2Gate colors are much better, especially the glas looks better in the original version. @paxhun: Thats a problem with the standard IK-Jetway animation, not Taxi2Gate's fault. You can't change that as far as I know. Maybe there will be AES available to get better Jetway animation.
  2. Thank you so much for this great scenery - it's the best airport scenery available for germany!
  3. I don't see any issues there - what do you mean? To have "snow" on the green areas (like the visitor's hill) you need to install the winter textures.
  4. Hello, first of all, thank you for this really great scenery. It's really great to have a Taxi2Gate Scenery in Germany now. The performance of the scenery is really amazing. And thank you that you are already planning an update to fix some issues. The most important issues have already been named. For me the most important things to fix are: - Blurry Textures on some apron areas as shown in johnny19's post above. - Missing red anti-collision lights at the top of the lightpoles and buildings and missing flashlights at the top of the main control tower. - Apron colour and taxilines seem too dark, the terminal color is okay for me. - Missing taxiway guidelines for blue and orange lines (described above) - Missing animation of rotating radar on main tower and satellite tower. - Color of the bridges differs too much from apron color. - and the biggest sin: US-type catering car ;);) (shown in picture in a few posts above) These type of vehicles doesn't exist in Germany. All in all it's still the best scenery available for germany. Thanks for your work!
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