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    Ted_Striker got a reaction from TurboTomato in Which FSX Setting Impact FPS The Most??   
    What are we REALLY trying to achieve in Flight Simulator?  Some of us want immersive realism, while others want to fly the sim for the aircraft experience and then that splits off into two categories, with one being those who want to fire up a plane, fly, land, accomplish and then the other being procedural flyers.  All in all, mileage will vary and THAT is dependent on what we all want as individuals.  I think my first statement needs to be thought about by every user before they set up their sim.  When you know what you really want, ignore the rest and concentrate on that goal.  For me personally, immersive flying helps maintain the sense of realism you can have in Flight Sim as well as setting up procedurals so the realism is maintained.  It can be difficult to achieve if you don't have a screaming machine, but making sacrifices and settling for what you can get can ease the mind and overall, you can still maintain a decent amount of realism for your flight.
    These discussions about FPS, setups and "who does what" almost seem pointless these days since there is plenty of information online to help each and every one of us.  Nowadays, it almost seems like a competition to see who has the perfect setup, which we all know doesn't exist.  Again, when it comes to setting up Flight Simulator, there are so many other variables outside of just the sim itself, that no two machines will run the same, regardless of how hard we try.
    For a lot of those out there who whine and complain about not being able to get one thing to work right, or having so many issues with a sim not functioning the way they want (and yet they still seem to not know what the want from the beginning), it can be funny at times when they reply to the question of "what are you running?"...usually they come back with "well I have this add-on and that add-on, blah, blah, blah"...which equates to about 15 different things and all the while their hardware can really only run internet and email.  Of course, it also doesn't help with all the deceptive advertising that goes on with devs showing off screenshots that you will never achieve, but somehow we are so drawn in that we make the purchase and then what happens?  We all become those whiny people complaining that they can't get add-on X to run...funny.
    Let me leave you with one final thought and it has to do with my rig vs. what i run and the end result.  I KNOW I don't have the screaming machines that everyone else has here.  I have a gaming laptop, and as such, the hardware is pretty good.  I say that because I can run FSX with minor tweaks from Kosta plus a good setup through nvidia inspector and then run some ORBX scenery with Traffic 360 (at about 40% traffic settings).  My FPS hovers between 25-30 while flying a Carenado aircraft and my weather being set to an ORBX preset through FSX, not a third party.
    A scenario I flew last night was Bozeman to Jackson Hole, smack dab in the middle of the Rockies.  The weather was rough (about 16kt cross winds) flying at dusk.  The flight was about 2 hours in my CT206.  With everything I mentioned above, my laptop held it's own with the 25-30fps which was smooth enough and clean enough to grab some amazing shots in flight.  Btw, i finally figured out my stutters were actually the result of gpu throttling due to heat.  I bought a cheap $9 stand for the laptop and I resolved that issue and the sim runs much better, but the key here is that my minimal tweaks, like the ones Kosta recommends are tried and true tweaks.  Trust me, he KNOWS what he is talking about folks!  Setting up the inspector settings were a piece of cake too, so with both of those sets of options taken care of, FSX runs very well.  I don't have my settings maxed out because I already know what my rig will do and I can live with that.
    Yep, if you can live with what you have and if what you have runs fine, leave it be and enjoy the flight.
    Ok, off my soapbox now.
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    Ted_Striker got a reaction from iFlysimX in Get Well Soon iFlysimX   
    Oooooh, geez...I thought you broke your leg or something!  Yeah, colds suck, but it can always be worse.  get well man.
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    Ted_Striker reacted to TurboTomato in Censorship   
    Interesting indeed. I too have come from the website-that-shall-not-be-named and part of the reason was the ridiculous censorship, bannings, and then lengthy excuses to try to justify things.
    Re the blog - like you I am late to the film, in fact very late but 2 things strike me about this 1) at least 1 major contributor to the blog has just left leaving one person (as I understand it) with a whole lot of work to do to keep the fan base happy without even considering having to police the crap on the comments that people leave to try to start arguments. And then 2) if it's the developer that I'm thinking of then, from my observations, the blog is a bit 'heavy' on that developer's content. I leave you to draw your own conclusions from that.
    Oh, and while I'm having a rant the first site that I mentioned has changed the way the topic preview works. Again. Can they not leave anything alone for 2 seconds?
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    Ted_Striker got a reaction from TurboTomato in Censorship   
    I just read, in a very popular sim blog this morning, that their commenting feature has been turned off, due to people's "offensive" comments towards a particular developer's product.  I won't name names but I can say that this company is very high profile.  I find it interesting that this news, while it is for a blog, comes on the heels of certain issues that have arisen lately with respect to the very same developer.  It appears that if said developer has their own forum, they can censor.  If they have affiliate websites and/or blogs for their products and people condemn their practices, or just the products they create, the developer can cry foul and the website/blog own has no choice but to censor their site.
      I thought the internet wasn't a place of censure?  If you were a developer, wouldn't you want to know the good and the bad of your products so that you can either continue to do good or improve on the bad?  The internet is THE best place for advertising.  What better medium is out there that allows for someone to create something and show it off to the world?  It really bugs me now that we as common users, don't have the right to speak our mind, or at the very least, have an opinion towards things without being pressured to censure or disable the ability for our member, fans, visitors to contribute to conversation.  I can honestly say that for me, I respect anyone who creates things that I cannot, but at the same time, they should always be open to opinion and suggestion.  Now, while I came in at the middle of the film with regards to this particular website's issues with people's comments, i do find it disheartening that they pulled the plug instead of standing up for their own right to publish people's opinion.  So what if they lose sponsorship?  Who is really the bad guy in all of this?    The way I see it, these people who run their site have become just as bad as the folks over at "the website that shall not be named"...if they don't like something, censor it or ban it for the sake of retaining a relationship to promote a business just to get a little kickback here and there.  Sponsorship has it's good and bad points.  On one hand, you have someone to help upkeep your site and return you publish news and advertisements for the sponsors products.  No one struggled or lost considerably when the Paula Deen issue went public?  She was dropped like a bad habit and everyone moved on, so tell me why a website feels the need to remove what I consider to be a very important feature for the sake of one developer wanting to save face?   The contradiction here though is that this website claims to approve any and all comments before publishing them (or so they did prior to the shutdown) so I would have to say that they created this golem and it's really their fault, not the people's comments.  I am sure there is plenty more to the story than what was published but the overall decision to eliminate the comment feature has put the website in a bad position.  If the website wanted to save face as well, they could have easily said that they were moving in a different direction and felt that eliminating the comment feature would help reclaim valuable time and resources to effectively run the site as a whole.   Just my two cents...
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    Ted_Striker got a reaction from alimech in Throttle Issues on Airbus X extended (A320/321) addon on FSX   
    I had the very same problem as well when I had this installed.  Found out that this aircraft is made for using a flightstick with throttle control.  There is no way around that.  If you use a flightstick with throttle control, make sure it is properly setup prior to flight.  Also, make sure you followed the procedures for startup.  I don't think the AEX is configured to use the flightsim shortcuts (ex. ctrl+E).
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    Ted_Striker reacted to prluey187 in Request an airport   
    More Caribbean scenery would be great. TJBQ (Borinquen) has never been made.  TJSJ (San Juan) is completely out of date from the previous developer.
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    Ted_Striker got a reaction from JRCZ97 in B747-400X - Air France Anniversary Livery   
    Just a little something I whipped up to celebrate Air France's 80th Anniversary.
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    Ted_Striker got a reaction from JRCZ97 in A319 - Virgin Galactic   
    Here's my first for the forum.  If enough folks are interested, i can put the texture together for distribution.
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    Ted_Striker reacted to ministock20 in Request an airport   
    @Taxi2gate Sorry to bump but I believe CYYZ would be a great airport to model. 
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