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  1. As mentioned before, If you need help, the offer to help is still up. BTW I'm very happy, that two big scenery developers(FlightBeam and FSDT) want to add SODE to their products. Please T2G satisfy this wish.
  2. Dear T2G, so, ho dou you think about SODE for Munich airport? It would be awesome to have this important major airport equipped with the state of the art technique.
  3. As I wrote in the previous thread, if you need help with that, let us know. I'm very sure, adding SODE would make more people to buy the scenery.
  4. Hello T2G, I absolutely love your munich scenery, the only problem ist that the double jetways cannot be used in P3D. Can you PLEASE update the munich scenery and add the SODE technique to Munich. Even Aerosoft is going to update the EDDF V2 scenery and add SODE. I#m pretty sure many user would appreciate such an update, and If you need any help for such an update, let us know. Thanks!
  5. Hello Guys, first of all thanks for the update, now the scenery lokks much better than before, however there a two mistakes: 1. There are still no docking systems at the gates in P3d 2. The DME distances are not correct, at Rw 26R for example, the final altitude is supposed to be at 2690 and 3,9 Miles DME, at that altitude the DME says 6.8
  6. All four ILS systems in Munich were upgraded from "ILS" to "ILS DME" several years ago, an so the frequencies got changed as well, the correct Freq for 08R is 109,3 MHz/CRS 081°, if you are flying a PMDG Aircraft, disable "CORRECT LOC TO SIM" Function.
  7. Hello T2G Team, first of all thank you for this great scenery, despite the mistakes this work has the potential to become the scenery of the year! Two Thwings I am missing: 1. SODE Jetways 2. The ILS frequencies don't have a DME, on the real airport, on all four ILS systems is a DME available
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