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  1. Greetings I just bought LFPG. Fantastic scenery! Love it. Just a weird thing. I flew an ILS 26R (I have the latest navigraph). My model database (I use the prosim 737-800) gave me the wrong frequency 109.10 (yet the correct frequency 111.95 was operational). I am a bit puzzled. Best Fractal
  2. I'd love to see Nice (LFMN). It's the 3rd busiest airport in France. It has a lot of international flights. The approach is very scenic. The french ATC loves to assign a VOR/visual approach when weather permits it. At least once or twice per week ATC is available on vatsim. Aerosoft had a nice scenery but it's now more than 5 years old and had never been updated to P3D. For sure that airport would be a great success.
  3. mine are not. p3d3.1 with all the fixes. no landing lights
  4. Thanks for the reply Yes I did. I installed the afcad you posted to correct the frequencies. Could that be the cause ? kind regards
  5. T2G ? Is it a problem with my system or a bug ?
  6. PS: I had installed EDDM to P3D2.5 (the day it came out). Back then lights where ok. I then deinstalled EDDM, deinstalled P3D2.5 and installed a fresh copy of P3D3.1. As I installed EDDM it did not ask me for my serial number. Could the missing lights be related to that ?
  7. hello, using p3dv3.1 with brigde, texture and ils hotfix: runway lights and vasi are missing. All my other airport addons lights are working. Kind regards, fractal
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