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  1. TJBQ Rafael Hernandez (Aguadilla) would a good idea. It has never been done by any developers.
  2. Great scenery, thanks for making for FS9 as well. Keep them coming.
  3. Have you tried uninstalling it and re-installing it again?
  4. Hector, If you install that file that is posted in the section it should fix the problem without having to uncheck any of the UT TAC files. If you are running FSGlobal and UT TAC it will have a framerate impact. I have tried one by one and the only way to fix the problem was by unchecking ALL UT TAC. The file posted will fix the problem and allow you to continue to use UT TAC. Luis
  5. Download the file posted above and that should get it working.
  6. File worked, thanks. For some reason UTC has a very high impact in frame rates. Using the default glider I get about 8.5fps, I switched to the CS777 and got about 5. I turned off UTC and it jumped to 15 in VC and 20 in external mode.
  7. Nevermind, On Gate 26 even at the 777 line the gate will not connect. That is as far as the jetway will extend. On Gate 25, just go up too the 747 mark and it should work. But the it will be a bit low and go through the aircraft.
  8. I tried Gate 25 with the A320 and it seems to work fine. Try parking on 26 which has a 777 spot. It seems you were too far back and parked in a spot for A320/F100
  9. Thanks, I had to uncheck all of UTX TAC for it to work and it increased my frame rates by 7 frames. I will the filed added in this discussion. Thanks, Luis
  10. Hello guys, First I want to say this MMMX scenery is amazing, you guys did a fantastic job. In my scenery, I am seeing the same mountain twice. I raised the autogen as per one of the post on the forum, removed the terrain and city scenery and it is still there. Any ideas what could be causing this? I am also having frame rate issues even with the glider I get no more than 8-10fps. Can the AI aircraft be remove to see if this will help a bit? Other than that, this scenery is great and can't wait to actually fly to and from it. Regards, Luis
  11. Woohoo, been waiting for this scenery. It popped up in Simmarket, on my way to get it.
  12. It is, I own a copy of it. There is some areas that can be improved, that is why I said perhaps. But like I stated in a previous post, there are many more airports not developed. Only what users have created themselves.
  13. TJSJ is being worked by latinvfr, I guess taxi2gate can focus on other airports throughout the caribbean. Perhaps St. Maarten since a lot of people fly there.
  14. Good airport choice but how many people actually fly there! Only those that do like flying around P.R. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see the airports of P.R. If Taxi2Gate does decide to do any airports in P.R., it should be San Juan TJSJ and Boqueron TJQB. With each of those airport, they should add a few of the smaller airports as a package. Like Isla Grande, Vieques, Culebra, etc.
  15. TNCB already done by tropicalsim and they are also working on Curacao 2013.
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