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  1. Hello, I removed 25+ BGLs regarding MMMX and sorrounding city areas from the FLYMEX CENTRO library....it all works like a charm now!
  2. Hello, I bought and isntalled hte new MMMX Xtreme. Once I started the sim, I noticed that there was a "double" scenery. One from T2G and the Flymex MMMX scenery. On MMMX V2 this did not happen, nor with any other T2G scenery. I made sure that on the Scenery list, the Flymex sceneries are BELOW the T2G new scenery (all 3 files: MMMX, CITY, TERREAIN). Is there any way to work around this so that I can still have the Flymex sceneries available at the rest of the airports?
  3. MMGL for FSX MMTO (Toluca) MMVR (Veracruz)
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