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  1. Ok, the problem is solved. Not a software problem. See below. I want to thank everyone for their assistance and education in helping me overcome my problems with ORBX FTX PNW and T2G KSEA. I finally have everything working properly now. I deleted both ORBX FTX PNW and T2G KSEA, then reinstalled them. First I installed T2G KSEA, then I installed ORBX FTX PNW. I moved T2G KSEA to the top and made the necessary modifications to both addons. Then I ADDED "KSEA-MESH" containing the KSEA-MT.bgl to the scenery list. Not doing this very important step is probably what screwed my up earlier. In the Marine Corps a flag is waved on a target when someone completely misses the it while firing the rifle range, . This flag is called "Maggy's Drawers". The miss is usually attributed to a loose nut on the butt plate. That was me missing the last important step, But thanks again for all the help because I finally realized what I was doing wrong. Jim Driskell
  2. I have not contacted T2G or ORBX directly but I have posted the problems on both forums. I did hear directly from T2G and that's where I got the corrected AFCAD. Maybe my system is so screwed up so these two add-ons will never work correctly so I'm thinking it's time to start from scratch. I'm very familiar with various developers building junk ware for the PC world. I've been is this business since 1965 (a few years before PCs :o) ) and have seen lots of junk. I remember Windoz version 1. It wouldn't run on the IBM PCs in the 1980s that we had at the time. I've always tried to be careful about installing software on my system but I think I've shot myself in the foot with something. Thanks for your concern, Jim
  3. The latest version of this mess is: Got rid of both ORBX and T2G KSEA. KSEA 16C and 34C ILS/DME both work. Installed T2G KSEA. ILS/DME works for both 34C and 16C. Installed ORBX FTX PNW and made the necessary modifications for T2G KSEA. ORBX is above T2G KSEA. ILS/DME still works for both 34C and 16C but the terrain around the runway now has bumps and holes. The sharp runway texture seen in T2G KSEA before ORBX was installed has flattened out. Another thing that I don't understand is the apparent lack of updating of the T2G KSEA installer. As mentioned above, when I first installed T2G KSEA, the center runway was completely missing. I was provided with a corrected KSEA bgl with solved this problem. I got the latest version of the T2G KSEA installer and ran it. It was still missing the center runway, so I had to get the corrected one and add it. Seems to me that this bgl should have been included in the latest version of the installer. Why not? Terrain problems make me conclude that ORBX FTX and T2G KSEA are not compatible on my machine. I'm not sure which one I wall dump but I'm very dis-satisfied with how they work together. Has anyone had a different experience? Thanks, Jim Driskell
  4. I have Taxi2Gate KSEA installed. Previously, the center runway was not available but this situation was corrected a couple of months ago. However, I was just trying to fly an ILS approach to runway 16C with PMDG's 777 but I could not activate LOC or APP for some reason. The ILS approach to 16L works fine with the same aircraft. I checked the KSEA-AF.bgl and it shows the correct info for runway 16C/34C but I don't understand why the 777 won't capture the LOC and APP. Any ideas? Thanks, Jim Driskell
  5. As "Will Shakespeare" said, "All's well, as ends well," I reinstalled T2G-KSEA from the latest installer that I understand contains the previous fixes and updates. I then applied the updated afcad. Then I modified my ORBX PNW in accordance with ORBX's instructions. Everything looks good now!! Yea! I do notice some flashing when I'm in tower view sitting on the end of the runway. Don't know what's causing this. My video drivers are up-to-date. Maybe someone has an idea. Anyway, thanks to everyone for the help and especially the folks at T2G. Jim Driskell
  6. Thanks for the updates afcad. I'll give it a try. Jim Driskell
  7. Thanks, Bill. I'll wait until the next version of the installer comes out and then give it another try. I previously installed ORBX PNW so some of my problems may be due to conflicts between ORBX PNW and T2G-KSEA. I followed this http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/105160-orbx-pnw-and-taxi2gate-ksea-airport-compatibility-guide/ to tweak the two systems but I did this before the new installer came out. Will try again. Jim
  8. Hi Bill, Someone else pointed out the the KSEA afcad offered by T2G-KSEA did NOT have start points on the middle runway. I don't know if the reason T2G isn't offering this option because the actual center runway has been undergoing resurfacing but that runway exists and the FAA currently offers ILS charts for the center runway and it clearly shows on the current airport diagram. Why would T2G offer a substandard afcad for KSEA? ORBX PNW's afcad does list the center runway. I think I'll modify T2G's afcad and see how it works. BTW I noticed the same problems with T2G's latest release of their KSEA installer. I hope these problems are fixed soon. Jim Driskell
  9. Thanks. I got the latest version of T2G from SimMarket and ran the install. Previous versions automatically installed KSEA and KSEA-TERRAIN in the Scenery Library but new version didn't seem to do this. I found the files under a SimMarket FSX subdirectory. I copied these files to Addon Scenery. I disabled KSEA**.bgl in FTX NM and moved all the FTX files up in sequence just below the T2G entries in the library. I then added KSEA and KSEA-TERRAIN to the library and and allowed FSX to rebuild the indexes. No joy! FSX freee flight still doesn't offer the KSEA center runway. It's like all my addons causes the original KSEA bgl (located at FSX\scenery\0101\scenery\SAPX15150.bgl) to take precedence. It seems that this is an AFCAD problem. The KSEA**.bgl file in T2G is correct but it's not the one that is presented when I select a runway from the location tab on free flight in FSX. Any ideas? Jim Driskell
  10. Thanks. I'll try it and reinstall T2G-KSEA.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, after I start Free Flight and select an aircraft. When I select KSEA as the current location, I'm only offered 16L or 16R. The same problem with 34L and 34R. 16C and 34C or not offered as choices. I'm running FSX with Acceleration on Win 8.1. I have the following add-ons (in ascending order) UT suite, Approaching Innsbruck X, some miscellaneous scenery in Add On Scenery, FTX-NA suite, Flightbeam KIAD, KDEN, KSFO HD. T2G was always installed above the other add-ons. Thanks for your help, Jim Driskell
  12. So I reinstalled T2G-KSEA and applied the fixes. I'm still missing the KSEA center runway. Can anyone please help because as it now stands, T2G-KSEA is unusable. Does it make a difference where T2G-KSEA is in the scenery stack. I currently install it after ORBX NW. Thanks, Jim Driskell
  13. I did but it didn't help so I uninstalled T2G KSEA and everything worked. I think the problem stems from a conflict between ORBX NW and T2G KSEA. Someone on another forum drew my attention for the updates available for T2G KSEA and I have yet to apply them. Hope this solves the problem. Thanks.
  14. I recently installed Taxi2Gate KSEA in FSX. The visuals are great but when I start to setup a free flight from KSEA and chose a runway, only the old left or right runways are available which seems to indicate that FSX is reading an old afcad. The product appears to be activated and is shown in the add-on scenery list at the top. I did notice that when I installed the product, it seemed to self-activate but I have also attempted to reactivate it but the system said it was installed. Should I remove any other references to ksea? I have aig-ksea installed. Thanks in advance to any help. Jim Driskell
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