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  1. since March 2019 there is a new taxiway at terminal 1 called C3. Will there come an update for this? Best wishes and merry Christmas Charly
  2. OK, I see. Except the shadows I have the same street-issues. At this moment it's OK for me. Most times I use the taxi- and runways. Of course it would be nice when the elevation would be correct, but I mean you must this issue write in the ORBX-fourm on their webpage.
  3. Today I found a little taxiway-issue on my scenery for P3D v4. When you land on RWY 08R and you vacate the runway via B7 the signs change to "A9 M" Correct is "B7 T" (see picture below) It would be nice if you can fix this in the next update Best regards Charly
  4. What issues? Can you send a screenshot? Has EDDM a higher priority than ORBX?
  5. Look at this thread. It works perfect for me. I also have T2G EDDM https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/142053-ges-compatibility-index/
  6. Yeah, that's very sad. It seems the developer loves Paris more than Munich. For Paris came an Update for P3D v4 a couple days ago. And Munich... is like a stepchild for every developer.
  7. Hi elButz, first i'm happy for your work and I will thank you for your work, EDDM is my homebase. But at Gate 209 I found an issue. When I choose both jetways, the jetways crossing each other. The inner jetway goes to entry 2R. I've pictures attached. Again: thanks for your great work! Charly P.S I found another wrong moving jetway at Gate 219, sorry
  8. I have P3D v3.1, and there are jetways at every gate. Only the parking guidance system is missing
  9. Hi Guys from Taxi2gate, first I want to thank you for the update. Most of the bugs are fixed. But I'm still missing fences. (see attached pictures) P.S. Don't worry about my airplane. The sceenshots are still from P3D 3.1
  10. I can confirm that. I also haven't any of the FTX scenerys and have the shadows.
  11. And it's going further.... missing fences around GA, Apron 5, Apron 6, Terminal 3
  12. Now I found another failure on the taxisigns. On entry S5 the left runwaysign must be "26L" and the right "08R". Also the taxiway isn't "N". It's "S" Another failure is the missing shadow on the bridges.
  13. Hello guys, all of my aircaft seems run on a grass runway. On taxiways is it the same. Where is the problem? Who can help me to solve it? Greetz Charly .
  14. Hi Guys, I found a wrong Taxiway-Sign (A1 | 08L) on entry B15. (see attached picture). Also the flashlights at the holdingpoint are missing Please change it to the correct sign. greetz Charly
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