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    thank for your help patrick. i will take a look at youtube for some info and will try to paint some.
  2. bayro2005


    Hello Guys. I would like to repaint some pmdg aircrafts. first i like to know how it works, so if you have got a realy good and maybe simple tutorial of repainting aircrafts? please share them with me. on facebook there is a repainter named: Goldstar Textures who makes asome repaint. i will like to do that to. i've got photoshop to do the work with. hope you guys can help me to get a good tutorial many thanks
  3. hey IflysimX did your already solve this problem? i've got these problems to, but not only at this airport. when my plane is near an heavy airport (montreal,amsterdam or Dubai for example) i've got these ooms all the time. hope someone can help me to.
  4. Should be nice to see this airport on flightsim. Rafael Hernández Airport (IATA: BQN, ICAO: TJBQ, FAA LID: BQN) Aguadilla @ Puerto Rico
  5. Great shots IflysimX.. looks amazing.
  6. yes but nothing will work. i've done some research..maybe its my new nvidea driver. let you know about it. brgds
  7. rocky mountains-----Denver KDEN alps ----- geneva LSGG mountain peaks Alaska --- i think Anchorage PANC himalayas ---- lukla VNLK Amazone rainforest ---- Padre Aldamiz SPTU I think this is the best as far i can see good luck
  8. Mountains: Rockys Alps mount everest Mountain peaks of Alaska Himalayas Forest: Amazon Rainforest
  9. @Calum Martin. Do you have the addon of Pro ATC X??? i was wondering if it is that realistic that the other in game traffic are in that program, or is it just you and fictional talking.. just as in the Airbus Extended X for example. hope you can give me the answer. so maybe i can buy thisone myself. brgds
  10. Hey Guys, I have a little problem with my pmdg 747-400x. When its getting dark, my panel is getting transparant. I can see trough the bottum of the aircraft and the panel is not working anymore(VC). (only in 2d i can use the buttons) maybe someone can help me out with this problem. brgds
  11. if you want to make a very large airport then you have to make the NEW DUBAI DWC AL MAKTOUM Airport. i know its impossible to make because it is not finished, but it would be the best and largest project on flightsim i think.
  12. @iFlysimX Its a Wonderfull aircraft and not hard to learn. (for me) there are so many things to handle at the aircraft. you can almost move everything in the cockpit. from the seat till the window clipboard. almost every button works. so its a must have. the plain is not fully done yet. but captainsim gives updates, so the plain is flying better and better when the updates are installed. PS: You also get a fantastic sound pack of: Turbine Sound Studios - 777 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7jRTzwFK9o
  13. Captainsim 777-200 Air Canada Flytampa - Montreal LatinVFR - Santo Domingo Parked on Montreal. Taxi to Runway 06R Cockpit layout 777-200 Captainsim On final @ Las Americas Taxi to the gate
  14. Maybe you can make this airport. Rafael Hernández Airport : (IATA: BQN, ICAO: TJBQ, FAA LID: BQN) Aguadilla, Puerto Rico or José Joaquín de Olmedo : (IATA: GYE, ICAO: SEGU) Guayaquil Ecuador brgds
  15. You will have to search in your C:\Users\YOUR COMPUTER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX hope this will help you out
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