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  1. 2013-8-23_11-31-19-225.BMP2013-8-23_11-30-41-202.BMP
  2. Honestly iv'e tried Blackbox, and It isn't Great, Aerosoft is Amazingly Detailed and The Visuals and Flight Characteristics are Amazing, I'd go with Airbus X but If you are on a Small Budget, Blackbox Is Fine also
  3. CANT wait for that, that Looks Amazing!
  4. I FINALLY GOT IT TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the comment,
  5. Version 1.0


    Provided by MIcheal Pilot 123, Please give him Credit for these
  6. 2013-7-17_14-56-5-559.BMP My United A320 Enroute to KLAX
  7. Oh. LOL Will do next time Ifly!
  8. 29 downloads

    This Livery should Work fine with the Livery Manager
  9. Posted these Because of Ifly! Thats the reason why i got into this Bird 2013-7-17_13-2-57-944.BMP 2013-7-17_13-3-10-349.BMP 2013-7-17_13-26-53-511.BMP 2013-7-17_14-13-56-767.BMP
  10. Route: KHOU to KORD Aircraft: Airbus X A320 United Livery Reason why: I have Never flown In an A320 In real Life, and this is the route i wold take to go to Chicago
  11. Well, What you can Do is First Copy off the Tweaks you may have on your Current CFG, and Let FSX create a clean one. The paste back your tweaks, Or see if It freezes without the Tweaks. Otherwise, try Re Installing the Ai traffic addon My Youtube http://www.youtube.com/useer/Thefsxfilmproductions Add the File attached to Your main FSX folder. It will get rid of your Fatal Errors, I haven't Gotten one Since UIAutomationCore.zip
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