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  1. I reinstalled Taxi2Gates Munich and still have the problem that I cannot taxi over bridges... My mesh setting is 5 but when the bridges worked I had the same mesh setting -> My entire scenery settings didn't change since the bridges worked. Please @Taxi2gate help me with the problem! EDIT: After I did the reinstall (as admin of course) I copied the fall textures from the Taxi2Gate website into the right folder.
  2. True ! I think so too. Look at Hong Kong: Still no update = No support.
  3. It is a little bit sad that there is no answer or a solution...
  4. Yeah that is sad @crashbar ; my problem isn't solved yet too... But to answer your question, you can move the jetways of T2G Munich. Please check if you got the latest updates (1 new installer & Update 1.2) or install it new. I got moveable jetways in P3D v3.
  5. I haven't got FTX openLC and when it was winter I hadn't got this problem but I remember that I always change the the weather to clear skies because of FSGRW and the clock to system time and change it or only change it and for my tests I only reset the time to the system time... Maybe this is it, thank you in advance. For the bridges I remember that I flew from Munich on 15.06.2016 and on 20.06.2016 when I flew into Munich I recognized the crash at the bridge. In my tests I mentioned above I wanted to fly from Munich too and the crasgh happened. Between those dates I didn't install any addon, maybe a update for GSX, the Addon Manager, CUATL Engine or FTX Central but nothing else... My Mesh I mentioned above is at 5m and it was always at 5m...
  6. Ok good to know but what can possible causes the crashes on the bridges? But not the scenery library or? And to all: What can possible causes the winter texture issues? A false installed update from a FTX product?
  7. Ok I completed my little test with the other seasonal textures and now it crashes with every seasonal texture at brige S7 but I didn't test the other bridges. Maybe it is because of the FTX Central Update or FTX Vector? On the first screenshot you can see where the plane crashes and at the second there is something strange... I selected winter and tested it with thewinter textures and around the airport is all green... I hadn't it in January/February where I flew from and to Munich and of course no taxiway problem. Can it be GSX or another airport addon? Thank you very much for answers.
  8. First of all thank you for a reply Strangely, yes. Since I have the summer textures I crash at the bridges...
  9. Hello @Taxi2gate , do you have a solution or an idea why I have this problem? Regards
  10. Hello Taxi2Gate Team, I did many flights from and to Munich and never had problems with the taxi bridges (Mesh = 5m) until now... When the bridges worked then only for my aircraft the GSX follow me car felt down every time. Now after my landing minutes age I wanted to taxi to gate 219 over bridge S7 and moments before arriving at the bridge I saw the GSX follow me car and it didn't fall down so I was a little bit surprised. I continued taxiing and exactly at the middle of bridge S7 my sim detected a crash... Since the last flight to/from Munich where the bridges worked as they have to I only changed the seasonal textures to the summer textures... Can anybody help me? Thank you very much ! P3D v3.2 with Orbx Global and Vector (At the last flight to/from Munich where the bridges worked correctly the Orbx Librarys were already at the now current version)
  11. Hello @Aviation-Fan , why you want the V1.1 ? The 1.2 works much better than 1.1 and the problem which you mention is in V1.2 as well as in V1.1. If you had read the content in this EDDM forum then you knew that to solve this problem you have to increase your mesh settings. Kind regards
  12. Dear @Taxi2gate , my ILS don't work. My plane received the Localizer and the Glide Slope but when I let the plane fly itselfs (AP1+2) then all 4 PAPI lights are white and my plane don't land because it is way too high. Please fix that ! When somebody knows I am wrong, than please help me with a solution Regards
  13. Dear @Taxi2gate , please make Auckland Airport (NZAA) ! Regards
  14. @Wuffi84 No I haven't got FTX Global Vector or any landclass addon because I think that those addons have got a hit on fps, is it so? I have many airport addons, a few plane addons, FS Global Real Weather and HDE v2 but nothing more. My mesh settings aren't maxed and the bridges working fine.
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