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  1. Barbados TBPB (The most popular Caribbean island)
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    Finally got it fixed...thanks!
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    I disabled UTX Tropics Airports and TLPC works just fine now but TVSV still has a problem. When i am flyin I can see the scenery quite well but when I land I end up going right through the runway. It seem like there is a issue with the elevation
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    I have a quick question. Is the TLPC and TVSV scenery package compatible with Flight1 Ultimate Terrain Tropics? I have getting some display errors when using TVSV and UTX - Tropics
  5. I would also like to recommend more Caribbean Sceneries. The Caribbean is perhaps on the best known holiday destination with many major airlines providing daily services to various islands. Islands such as Barbados,Grenada, St. Lucia (TLPL), Antigua and St. Kitts have gone untouched for many years by scenery developers. These islands are some of the most beautiful in the world and its high time we see more Caribbean airports for FSX. News of TVSV is just amazing as I never thought anyone would both with this very interesting airport that poses an immence challenge for real world pilots at times. For example, just search on youtube for videos of Amerijet landing and taking off at TVSV, it is remarkable to say the least. Another challening airport are the two located in Dominica TDPD and TDPC.
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