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  1. Hi Thomas Thanks for your swift response, credit where credit is due! I'm glad to hear that SODE is at least considered as a possible future update. Its only 4 or 5 Gates anyways, so shouldnt be too much work, haha BTW; Jeffrey aka 12bpilot, the developer of SODE seem to be quite keen to help devs implementing SODE in their scenerys. Not that i have any doubt in your abilities but it might be helpful anyways Ok, i'll try to slightly shift my 737 parking position and see if that makes the Gate 3 Jetway connect properly Thanks again Lars
  2. Hi JetStream Designs, first and foremost, LIML is a masterpiece of scenery design, hands down one of the Top 5 sceneries ever created for P3D in my opinion. The modelling and texturing is just out of this world! Very very well done chaps! There's just one thing that really spoils the whole excitement when flying out of LIML: Default Jetways.... Cant provide a screenshot now as i'm at work currently, but the default jetways are terribly aligned when using the PMDG 737. On Gate 3 i couldnt even get it to connect, it just moves a few inch and then stops. I do know that default Jetways are v
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