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  1. Hi Jetstream Designs, I'm having problems installing your scenery into P3D v2.5. I've followed the manual as best as I can, but it asks me to copy the following files: JSD_LICJ.dds and JSD_LICJlm.dds in the main texture folder LICJ_ADEX_JDS_ALT.BGL in Scenery\World\Scenery JDS_LFMP_Halo_cntrl.fx and JDS_LFMP_Halo.fx in Effects folder JDS_LFMP_halo.dds in Effects\Texture I can't seem to find these files in either the scenery or texture folders in my P3D root folder under SimMarket\JetStream Designs Palermo LICJ P3Dv3\data. Could you help me out with where these are located? Thanks, I can't wait to try out your scenery! - Matt
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