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  1. Hello Rose. I'm not joking. There are many simmers that prefer to maintain the FS9 running, even having the FSX or beyond. And, there are a lot of gaps of sceneries for FS9. LTBA for example, there is no any version for FS9. It could be a good deal launch a version for that FS. OK if you prefer the FSX or P3D, it is your option. But, remember that other persons (a large amount of simmers - see Avsim and Flightsim forums) that desire to be remembered by the developers and want to maintain and invest some bucks in the old and good FS9. Regards. Cláudio
  2. I think that It would be a good idea because there is no any LTBA for FS9...and there are a lot of simmers, like me, that are using the FS9 yet. I have the FSX but I intend to maintain my FS9 with its addons for many years to come. Why not??? Taxi2Gate, think about it... Cláudio
  3. Hello folks! I'm user of the FS9 and FSX and even having a PC that is able to run the FSX, i'm still flying with FS9. In my opinion, with good add ons, it is near to FSX in graphics being lighter. I'd like to ask for the Taxi2Gate development, relaunch LTBA at least, in a FS9 version. We don't have any good scenery for Istambul Airport in FS9. Only LTBA!!! Please!!! Cláudio
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