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  1. crashbar

    What happened to Taxi2Gate?

    Support? What support? Couldn't agree more.
  2. crashbar

    EDDM Jetways

    Nah never owned the Aerosoft version.
  3. crashbar

    EDDM Jetways

    Ya all the T2G jetways seem to be high unless I'm in my 777, then it lines up pretty good. As for EDDM I have the latest patch 1.2 installed, and no ctrl-J does not move the jetways at all, but strangely the jetways work at my other T2G airports. I can't figure it out.
  4. crashbar

    EDDM Jetways

    32 views and no comments...this is a forum right? Or do people just come here to look at words? Great help here thanks, scenery deleted and problem solved.
  5. I cant get the jetways to move. My other T2G airport jetways work fine with CTRL-J. Do these jetways move for FSX?
  6. crashbar

    No Jetway Animation EDDM

    Well this is interesting, I remember having my jetway move at Gate214 when I first bought this product, now for some reason it doesn't animate/move anymore. I did update my graphics card and updated all my UTX versoins to most current, but all my other T2G airport jetways still work without any issues. Does anyone have any ideas? I use FSX/Accel. Again CTRL-J at my other T2G airports works fine. Thanks for your time and any help, crash.