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  1. Short little video telling the community we are back and looking for that final pilot to complete this awesome Delta! http://youtu.be/HJeLukP4Hys http://www.fsthunderbirds.com/
  2. Well, I can tell you that flying with 5 other aircraft off the wing is a pretty difficult thing to do. As flight lead I am responsible for making sure the formation is stable and to speed for the maneuvers. We have been around for about 8 months and are no where near show ready. Which means, we have been gathering information regarding the demonstration from the real life team, and using it as a reference for the maneuvers we perform in game. I will tell you out of my 8 or so years of gaming, nothing will ever compare to the difficulty and challenges that you face when flying on a demonstration team. It is the hardest thing that I have ever done on a simulator. The thing is when people think of me as a flight lead the remark I often get is, wow that must be really boring because all you are doing is flying straight and level, and doing rolls and loops, big deal. Well what I usually say to them is imagine flying an F16 block 52 going 450 knots, and worrying about am I on time for the maneuver?, am I on speed? where do I have to turn to get back to show center? What is the height restriction for today's performance so I dont break that? You have to literally be thinking a mile a minute and constantly thinking ahead of what you are currently doing. For most of the show I fly with three other pilots. We form the diamond as you can see in the picture above (currently looking for a #4) and they fly with me throughout most of the show, the other two pilots are the solos and they do all the cool coming right at eachother passes and crazy things like that. We really have to be in sync in order to make the demo look good. The other cool thing about our show is we have positions that are not necessarily flying positions but they are very important to the team. We stream music for our maneuvers, we have a narration, its all just supposed to be like the real deal. It is a lot of things to worry about, but once you get the demonstration locked up to the point where all of your team members can feel comfortable flying it, it is the best feeling in the world. Hope that answers your question. Feel free to ask any more that you have, Its nice to know people like what we do.
  3. I am new here but I thought that I might share what I do for fun. I am the flight lead of a 6 ship demonstration team we emulate the USAF Thunderbirds Flight Demonstration Squadron. Well here is a few pictures, to show what we do. Formation is our thing. One difference is that we fly in Prepar3d which is like FSX's younger brother with more stable Multiplayer. (Sorry about the watermarks, they get branded onto all of our images if they go on our website.) More pictures here! http://www.fsthunderbirds.com/ We are looking for a #4 pilot to complete our demonstration, so until we get that #4 pilot, we cant truly perform airshows the way we are supposed to. We are hoping to have a team show ready by the beginning of 2014 Hope you like the pictures, I know we all do.
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