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  1. Great job on Mexico and looks like KMCO is coming along, but please continue with the Caribbean sceneries.
  2. LIRF is already in the making from Aerosoft, which will be a mega airport.
  3. TQPF needs some attention too. Go Caribbean!!
  4. So very true. Time to these areas more great airports.
  5. So very true. Time for these areas to get more great airports.
  6. Why would these need to be redone? There are good scenery versions from another scenery developer. Why not request scenery that is not already done or very outdated, clearly these do not fall into that catagory.
  7. As I fly over TNCE, I see it really needs to be developed.
  8. FYI,1 scenery already and 2 on the way. Get real.
  9. Wow, at first could not figure out why I was under the runway, then it occured to me take out the PW Grenadines scenery. That was it, what a great scenery package. Feel free to keep the Caribbean scenery coming, you have happy customer. P.S, not much off a screeen shot guy but I will try and see how they turn out.
  10. Totally agreed. Keep the Caribbean sceneries comming.
  11. This is great news. Thanks for this airport.
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