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  1. If you guys are still developing Caribbean Airports, would love to see TTPP & TTCP. Cheers
  2. This is a welcome addition to the Caribbean but it will be remiss of me if I did not share the great desire to see TTPP and TTCP
  3. Hi, yes that's exactly the issue im having too "the change of color" of the grass but somehow that file that you posted earlier just exacerbated the problem, I don't have france vfr installed but I will send pics in a bit to the support email. Thanks Much
  4. so sorry to bring this issue up again but its proving to diminish the enjoyment of every approach I make to TFFR, is it possible to have the file tweaked some more? Thanks
  5. Unfortunately that file just compounded the problem, so I will have to revert to the original file
  6. thanks will give it a try and report back
  7. Good Day, just wondering if you've been able to identify the cause of this issue. Thanks
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlGYkgAqpME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRWrhNwN5i8 have a look here my friend
  9. Thanks for another great scenery T2G. I'm having an issue with bleed thru on approach to R12, " grass textures" I've looked at other videos on you tube and noticed the same issue. I'm wondering if it can be an elevation problem with the afcad or maybe other add-ons like FS Global? if you can offer any fixes, I will greatly appreciate. Many Thanks 2014-5-1_20-3-33-79.BMP
  10. +3 for TFFF and also TTPP & TTCP please
  11. just ran through this thread and I agree with most of the Caribbean Airports suggested here, especially Guadeloupe and Martinique,, San Juan ,St. Croix, Grenada , Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago Taxi2Gate sceneries are comparable to the big developers. I haven't seen this kind of quality for the Caribbean since Flytampa.
  12. This is my first Taxi2Gate product and i'm so impressed, great job and many thanks
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