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  1. Thomas, thanks for your quick answer...! So in the end installing the FTX compatible files on top of the existing installation did not add anything new as the existing files were overwritten by identical ones, as well as they did not create any issue to the existing installation. Is this correct ? Ezio
  2. Hello, I have two questions about the installation in P3D V4.1 of LICJ and LIML 1) I have installed LICJ and activated in the scenery library as per the indications, and then I have installed the FTX Global integration texture sets pointing the installer at the main P3D folder as requested by the installer itself. Now in the P3D main folder I have two folders for LICJ: one in "Prepar3d Addons" (which I assume is the correct one) and another one \Simmarket\P3DV3\LICJ\Data\Scenery which contains two files LICJ458.bgl and LICJ460.bgl, which are also included in the scenery folder inside the main LICJ installation folder. Is this correct ? Should I erase this additional folder ? Is it correct to point the FTX integration installer at the main P3D folder and not at the LICJ folder ? 2) I have seen in the forums that there are some small updates to fix disappearing dynamic lighting in LICJ and LIML as well as a new AFCAD for LIML. Shall I install them anyway or are they already included in the latest installer that I have on my Simmarket account ? Thanks in advance for your answers Ezio