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  1. Hi Thomas, no improvement. Your file from the second post is for LFRS not for LFML, I renamed it, but no improvement. Thanks Stefan
  2. Hello, the file is for LFRS Nantes, I renamed it do LFML, but nothing helps (the original LFML file renamed to .off of course) Brightmess: 0.8 Bloom: 0.0 Note: The Lights in LFRS are really ok! Any idea? Regards Stefan
  3. Hello Thomas, is the brightness of the dynamic lightning in LFML normal? It seems to bright, especially when I compare it to LFRS or LICJ. Thanks Stefan
  4. Hello once again, a while ago I changed some parts from the AFD for LICJ Palermo. enhanced Parking Spots (Assignments, ...), added Crosswind Runway Operations (both runways will work together for AI) Have fun Urmel81 LICJ_ADEX_JDS_enhanced.zip
  5. Hello Thomas, you are right. I read Jeppesen Charts, the are with PAPI, Google Earth without. Your last updates should be included. Regards Stefan
  6. Hello, I changed the AFD for LFRS. added Airbus Belouga Parking Spot, added DHL Parking Spot, added RNAV 03 Approach, added Curved RNAV 21 Approach (also for AI - as dummy ILS Approach), Parking Assignments, changed the Taxiways a bit, some minor changes Change the default AFD's to off: LFRS_ADEX_JSD_GAstatics.bgl, LFRS_ADEX_JSD.bgl, LFRS_ADEX_JSD_ALstatics.bgl The PAPI's are missing for Runway 03 (maybe something for the next Scenery Update?) Have fun, and Thank's for your great scenery's. ( I hope to see this Runway - Apron Textures in your LFML Scenery - that would be great!) Urmel81 LFRS_ADEX_JSD_GAstatics_enhanced.zip
  7. Hello, first AFRICA!!! no good Payware Airports are available - take the chance. FAOR Johannesburg (SAA - a big Hub) FACT Cape Town FYWH Windhoek HKJK Nairobi (Kenya Airways - a lot of good Payware Aircraft available for this main airline) HAAB Addis Ababa (Ethiopian Airlines - a lot of good Payware Aircraft available for this main airline) second: LFPO (Paris-Orly), KLIA (Kuala-Lumpur), RKSI (Seoul-Incheon) and your starting Point: Caribbean + South America like, Curacao, Aruba, Saint Croix, Panama Thanks
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