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  1. Thank you for answering, I do have Palermo and Linate (my favorite, I'm from Como Lake), not Orly unfortunately...?
  2. I bought Nantes airport as soon as it was available for FS2020, but I already have other airports from jetstream design for P3D. It would be truly kind of you if you could communicate on the airports release for FS2020.
  3. Hello, Congratulation for the brillant scenery of LIML. for P3D (using V3.4) I just have one question: When the scene is activated I don't have any of the typical Milan buildings you can find in P3D (Duomo, stazione Centrale, stadio San Siro tec) nor any custom buildings that maybe could be in your LIML scene (for instance the new Garibaldi Station area). Milan becomes a simple buildings area in the typical ORBX open LC way (I also use ORBX global and Vector). Is that normal ? Thank you very much Avirex
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