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    Elevation problem

    Well, I just bought the Simmarket version of OTHH thinking its V4 compatible according to FSElite List, but i still find te elevation issues. Is there som e way nto correct it at least temporarily? Could you share the files to fix it? Txs in advance for support
  2. Raphael_Chacon

    Elevation problem

    How to revome OTBD?
  3. Raphael_Chacon

    P3DV4 Compatibility

    Well, Browsing around i found that if you have KSEA + ORBX PNW, if you follow this procedure after installing this T2G Fix(make sure to install/overwrite your KSEA original files), everythink works fine. Tested in V3 by ORBX and i just tested in P3DV4, so yes: It is compatible after doing all of that. Hope it can be helpfull for many oither flightsimmers Happy Flying
  4. Raphael_Chacon

    P3DV4 Compatibility

    Sad that they wont even answer...i see their sceneries are good, but website seems abandoned and in fact i see no movement around. I still hope their answer.... Thanks pal...
  5. Raphael_Chacon

    P3DV4 Compatibility

    Hello, I saw you are going to update to V4, have a roadmap or expectations? As far as i know, there is no website available or another forum to receive updates. Thanks in advance...
  6. Is KSEA compatible with P3DV4? To avoid other msgs, id like to know about VHHH / LFPG / LTBA ....V4 ready? Txs