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  1. Well, I just bought the Simmarket version of OTHH thinking its V4 compatible according to FSElite List, but i still find te elevation issues. Is there som e way nto correct it at least temporarily? Could you share the files to fix it? Txs in advance for support
  2. Well, Browsing around i found that if you have KSEA + ORBX PNW, if you follow this procedure after installing this T2G Fix(make sure to install/overwrite your KSEA original files), everythink works fine. Tested in V3 by ORBX and i just tested in P3DV4, so yes: It is compatible after doing all of that. Hope it can be helpfull for many oither flightsimmers Happy Flying
  3. Sad that they wont even answer...i see their sceneries are good, but website seems abandoned and in fact i see no movement around. I still hope their answer.... Thanks pal...
  4. Is KSEA compatible with P3DV4? To avoid other msgs, id like to know about VHHH / LFPG / LTBA ....V4 ready? Txs
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